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Search results

  1. D

    US Releases for March & April 2014

    Downloading now!
  2. D

    Ender's Game on the store a week early!

    One word: Lionsgate. Not sure why, but they do not offer the supplements on their downloads, other than audio commentaries.
  3. D

    Question on multi-feature discs.

    Great information! I use my Cinema One for mostly foreign films and concerts (my home-made server solution handles neither sub-titles or chapters very well) and it surprises me how many of my concert DVDs are only partially bookmarked, where the individual songs are not broken out. Of course I...
  4. D

    US Releases for January & February 2014

    Spoke directly to Kaleidescape, and they let me know that it is a title by title, studio by studio option. The studio informs them when they are allowed to offer the disc-less option. So know you know the rest of the story.
  5. D

    US Releases for January & February 2014

    Well, my perfect plan to purchase the 3D/2D Blu-ray of "Gravity", load it into Kaleidescape, then pay $1.99 to go disc-free did not go as planned. Turns out not all movies qualify for the disc-free offer. Bummer. Though I am certain that one day it will, for now I am forced to slip the disc in...
  6. D

    Hi Fidelity Pure Audio (Blu Ray Audio) on K

    I loaded all of my 5.1 DTS surround CDs, no problem. You can also load DVD-Audio discs, but it will only rip the Dolby Digital or DTS tracks, not the hi-rez ones. They do take forever to rip, and show up as Movies. FYI.
  7. D

    US Releases for January & February 2014

    Josh - I agree. And I was ready to purchase it when I realized that for $2 more I could get the 3D Blu-ray (really how the movie is meant to be seen!) and then pay $1.99 to K-scape to go disc-less. Ah, but I do have to wait another week and a half.
  8. D

    Does HD download come with SD too?

    John, Thanks. I never knew that. But other than space requirements, why would you want SD when HD is available? My take is that if a movie is worth owning, it's worth owning in HD. But that's just me! Thanks again.
  9. D

    Does HD download come with SD too?

    I'm confused. When I purchase a movie through the store, I don't see both HD and SD versions offered. I just see one or the other. I've only purchased HD, and nowhere on my Cinema One am I given the option to watch the SD version.
  10. D

    US Releases for January & February 2014

    The thing that bugs me is there is no way to know when Kaleidescape replaces a title that was originally SD with the HD version. While this is fantastic, the more HD the better, it would be nice to know when this happens. Titles like "Two Weeks Notice" went from SD to HD around the time Warner...
  11. D

    Buying 2nd hand K-System

    They showed a prototype at last years CEDIA show. It looked like a Cinema One without the disc slot or buttons. There is no official announcement, and if you ask them they just smile and say it's something they are working on. No ETA, no pricing, no details. But it makes complete sense to me...
  12. D

    Buying 2nd hand K-System

    A Cinema One is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the K pool. I have sold Kaleidescape for almost as long as they have been around, and have always wanted one for myself, but the cost kept that from happening. The new Cinema One was too good to pass up. Sure, it's extremely limited in...
  13. D

    Ender's Game on the store a week early!

    No supplements. The audio and video is quite nice, though.
  14. D

    Ender's Game on the store a week early!

    Does anyone know if it includes the bonus material that will be on the Blu-ray release? Lionsgate needs to give us the supplements!
  15. D

    Basic Questions

    I think the new Cinema One is a fantastic product! The important thing to remember is that the new Cinema One is geared to a different customer than a traditional Kaleidescape customer. These are people with smaller movie collections, or ones who could never afford the price tag of a traditional...