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Search results

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    NEWS: New Hire at Kaleidescape

    A starting point for increasing revenue would be to open the Kaleidescape store to markets outside USA, Canada and UK.
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    OFF-TOPIC How to predict discs that are already bookmarked?

    In some cases it is possible for the loans@kaleidescape.com people to update the association of multiple pressings of a movie in the movie guide database. You might not need to send them the disc, they can do that remotely.
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    NEWS: New Terra 6TB Compact Server Available

    If only the Kaleidescape store was available in my market.
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    Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Processors

    I had one of the very early 2U Pro's as part of the beta-tester program before the existence of the Pro was publicly known. It didn't like playing with my Krell Foundation processor as the Krell saw "silence" from the Pro with DTSHD-MA audio sound tracks. The Kaleidescape player had to be set to...
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    Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Processors

    I've owned Radiance XS, XE and the Pro, upgrading over time. I found they added a level of complexity I didn't need. Especially now that I have a JVC video projector its free auto-calibration software produces an excellent image I have no need for an external video processor. So I sold the...
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    NEWS: Premiere products end-of-sale approaching soon, Support not impacted except discontinued products

    The decision kind-of dumps on their international customers in markets where the K-store is not available and probably will never be available.
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    Question from Kaleidescape: What's your Internet speed?

    Lucky you. I'd like to be able to download a movie in a few days. The thought of downloading a movie in a few hours is just mind-boggling. In a few minutes is science fiction to me.
  8. B

    Unrecognised Boxset?

    I submit barcode for unrecognized movie titles and the missing cover appears a few days later. Submitting barcode never resulted in video bookmarks, even pre-Kpocalypse. They need a copy of the physical disc to process video bookmarks. They once might have sourced the title themselves, or if...
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    Obstruction issue in an M700

    Did you need to open up the M700 to discover that?
  10. B

    DV700 Continually Jammed

    Same thing just happened to me.....sigh.
  11. B

    What's Your AV Setup?

    The N01 supports DSD512 (22.5 Mhz, Octuple-rate) on its USB input. I've been hunting through the usual sources looking for any DSD512 content, can't find any. This thing sounds stunning with 44.1/16 bit PCM content, I'm salivating at the prospect of finding something in DSD512.
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    What's Your AV Setup?

    I've just added the new Esoteric N01 network audio player and Esoteric G02X master clock to my collection. I have my Kaleidescape M700 hooked up to the N01/G02X, it's the best sounding DAC I have heard at any price.
  13. B

    iPad Remotescape?

    Some news on Remotescape that has just come to hand. Remotescape was removed by Apple from the App Store, however Dan is working on an update which will make it compatible with iOS 11. Remotescape owners stay tuned for that one (no time frame mentioned for when it will be released).
  14. B

    Download Speed

    No tweaking at the K end is going to fix the expensive rubbish internet speeds many of us in Australia suffer. Not that we can download anything from the K-store. But if we could, I think I once worked out it would take about a week to download a single BR movie.
  15. B

    import music without disks

    I used to use my Kaleidescape system 90% music and 10% movies. Since I signed up for Spotify premium I don't use my Kaleidescape system for music at all.
  16. B

    1U server for sale

    1 x Kaleidescape 1U server with 1x6TB drive and a blank caddy. To make this a functional system you'll need to order 2x6TB with file system from your Kaleidescape dealer, and of course you'll need a player (not included). The 1x6TB is new and has not been associated with a file system before...
  17. B

    Songs missing from CD import

    I've reported an issue where songs are now missing from a previous CD import. The fault has been likely attributed to a recent change in vendor who provides the metadata service. Has anybody else experienced this issue? What you'll find is, say a CD contains 15 songs, about half of them will be...
  18. B

    What's Your AV Setup?

    What's your opinion of the 520ES? I'm tossing up whether to go Sony native 4K or JVC pretend 4k.
  19. B


    What "upgrade" options are currently showing in the extranet? Do they still have the HDD upgrade offer: buy a new set, return your old set + old server, get an overhauled server included with the new HDD set?