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Search results

  1. J

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Our latest Cineluxe review is on the Kaleidescape download of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. This review is done by Ryan Rutherford, forum member Amblinfan, so show him a bit of love by checking it out! Ryan says, "One of the Top 5 Dolby Atmos presentations I’ve ever come across, this mix is one for...
  2. J

    Interested in reviewing movies?

    Hey, guys! I'm publisher at www.cineluxe.com now, and a regular part of our coverage is content (movie/music/streaming) reviews. We're looking to expand our coverage and part of that involves getting some additional reviewers on-board, and I figured what better place to start than right here...
  3. J

    Selection for "Not in a Collection"

    Hey, Mike. One thing that I think would be helpful would be a new "collection" of movies that is movies IN your collection but NOT on your server. With my 6TB Strato, I frequently need to out-with-the old/in-with-the-new and then when people come over, it would be nice to be able to let them...
  4. J

    Matrix Resurrections????

    Here's our (spoiler-free) review! https://www.cineluxe.com/review-the-matrix-resurrections/
  5. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    We've done several in the past -- Hans Zimmer, David Byrne, INXS that I can think of -- that will all be reposted and we'll continue to add more. Thanks for the suggestion! Atmos music titles will be a big thing we're looking to cover as well!
  6. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    Some of the previous links that were posted have not been re-posted onto the new site yet. So it is definitely possible that those older links are giving you a 404 for now. Rest assured, they will all be back up and working though those old links might be broken with the new hosting service…...
  7. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    Hey, everybody! With the Cineluxe relaunch, we've been pulling - reformatting - reposting the old reviews for the site's new look. Hope you'll check it out and join our mailing list! If you see anything you like (or that you don't!) please let me know! We'll be actively growing the site and...
  8. J

    The Matrix Trilogy

    With the fourth film getting ready to drop next week, it felt like the perfect time to revisit this amazing franchise and rewatch the original Trilogy. All three films are available at the Movie Store in 4K HDR, with Reloaded and Revolutions both in Dolby TrueHD Atmos. (Luke says he's *still*...
  9. J

    Any movies in the store at 60 FPS?

    Billy Lynne's Long Halftime Walk is. Looks beautiful!
  10. J

    Cineluxe 2.0

    Hello, everyone! Many of you have read the coverage over at Cineluxe.com over the past couple of years, which has featured a ton of info and reviews of Kaleidescape content. Some news...I took over the site as publisher on November 1, and we have had a total redesign that relaunched today. (I...
  11. J

    IMAX Enhanced Content

    I can tell you that Disney+ does NOT currently support DTS:IMAX audio. (They all play with the "regular" Dolby Atmos stream.) One of the best places to get full IMAX Enhanced content (currently) is the Sony BRAVIA Core service. Unfortunately, this is only available to select 2021 Sony TVs...
  12. J

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2021

    My review of the Kaleidescape download if you need any further convincing :-) https://www.cineluxe.com/kaleidescape-free-guy/
  13. J

    Demonstrating Kaleidescape's Significant Visual Quality Advantage

    Thanks, Tom! Appreciate the reply and effort in making this tool!
  14. J

    1U K-Server 1500 problems

    At this point, if you have lost TWO drives, I fear that you may have lost all of your content.... :(
  15. J

    Demonstrating Kaleidescape's Significant Visual Quality Advantage

    Hey, Tom. Any reason why it isn't in HDR...? Just curious. Thanks, and think it will be a great demo tool!
  16. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    Hey, guys! Thought I'd share some links to some of the recent reviews I've done at Cineluxe.com; all titles downloaded from Kaleidescape and viewed on my Strato and JVC NX-7 on 115-inch screen. (7.2.6 Atmos setup FYI...) If you're looking for some recs on what to watch this weekend, not a bad...
  17. J

    WANTED: WTB: M300

    Thanks, Jim!
  18. J

    Store Demo Script Suggestions

    Thanks, Andy! Those are all good choices (and I think in my library!)
  19. J

    WANTED: WTB: M300

    Added a room onto my house a few years ago, and now there is a TV in it.... What is the going rate of an M300, and anyone here have one they aren't using they'd consider selling? Thanks! John
  20. J

    Store Demo Script Suggestions

    Just got a new Strato to demo in my showroom and use as a puppy-dog loaner, and I've loaded it up with about 85 4K HDR titles from my library... What would be your suggestions for a "Wow!" demo script that has like 5-10 pre-built-Kaleidescape scenes...? Scenes should be fun, dynamic, show off...