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Search results

  1. Luke

    The Fall (2006, Tarsem Singh) in 4K HDR?

    Hi @dla26 - This is a great place to note titles you are interested. As @Substance points out, our catalog growth is driven by analyzing what content looks like it will be popular with our users, so all purchases are also votes to get more "movies like this" in our queue. Regarding The Fall...
  2. Luke

    Incorrect version listed for Red Cliff

    Hi @Skynet Cinema - Audio: Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Subtitles: English Subtitles English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Spanish Subtitles Luke
  3. Luke

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Update

    Hi @cinelife and all The runtime listing was a crossed metadata issue that has been updated. It should accurately reflect the feature runtime later today. The original extended version has a series of glaring artifacts and other video playback issues when played on any Strato device or newer...
  4. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    All issues should now be resolved.
  5. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    Apologies for the delay here . We need to pull the sales down for an hour or so - should have this sorted soon.
  6. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    Certainly a glitch - let me look into that
  7. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    Hey All - New versions should release today and be available as a new update. Best, Luke
  8. Luke

    Rental credits

    Hi All - @cinelife as usual is spot on - when they describe something as "premium," the studios have theatrical expectations and limits around the film. A good rules of thumb on rental credit: Credit usually applies if both rent and purchase are options when you are shopping for the...
  9. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    Update: This also impacts David Gilmour: Live in Pompeii. We will provide an update as soon as we have a fix that we can deploy.
  10. Luke

    David Gilmour: Remember That Night playback issue

    A playback issue was noted on David Gilmour: Remember That Night. We are investigating and will update as soon as we can.
  11. Luke

    Big Trouble in Little China

    The cleared version is now live. We'll be sending an announcement to customers who had purchased this title already to download updating them on the status. Apologies for the delay. Best, Luke
  12. Luke

    Big Trouble in Little China

    Hi All - We are reviewing this title, so I have pulled it back from the store while we investigate and look to fix. Luke
  13. Luke

    No Time To Die - now available to rent - Why no Dolby Atmos audio?

    The Atmos update is now live. If you rented and have not yet watched the film, the update should be available under My Updates on the store. If watched it yesterday before the update came through, please let me know.
  14. Luke

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2021

    Hi @Kostas No announcement at this time - we are still working to find a time when we can onboard these assets. As soon as we can we can offer updates on catalog titles, we will. @steelman1991 quick note: Atmos is currently the only immersive audio codec NBCU has opted to release for digital...
  15. Luke

    Movie Updates

    There were some differences in audio between the Blu-ray quality version of Clapton and the first pass of the 4k HDR version we released. We worked with the provider on an alternate audio track.
  16. Luke

    Movie Updates

    Black Panther is unique. It had some minor video tweaks but the largest change was a studio update to the logo paying homage to Chadwick Boseman. You can see it here if you opt to skip the update: here
  17. Luke

    Movie Updates

    @steelman1991 @Ahmad78 Unfortunately no update on that title at this time, but as soon as we can make that film available in 4k we will.
  18. Luke

    K Store movie rentals

    I can confirm - renting a single film more than once will not build up credit toward purchase of that movie.
  19. Luke

    K Store movie rentals

    Premium rentals (PVOD titles) are great because they give you access to the earliest window we can offer. Unfortunately, this early window means they are not eligible for the credit toward purchase.
  20. Luke


    Hi @nomad07 - Could you tell me what movie you had this issue with? We can look at updating the trailer if it didn't give you a clear indication of its language. Regarding @CINERAMAX IOPH's issue: We add metadata to these titles to provide you with the details you need to make an informed...