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Search results

  1. K

    Interesting fringe issue with 'other versions'

    So I ran into an issue today that I believe would rarely happen, but I'm not sure the best way solve. Found a double feature DVD for less then $1. Disc was recognized but not cataloged by K. Movie A is in the store with D2D, movie B is not in the store. I purchased the D2D and downloaded...
  2. K

    A simple plan, import error

    Just picked up A Simple Plan in the $5 bin at Walmart tonight. Both my m700 and m500 immediately eject it and say DVD cannot be imported. Anyone else have any issues? Kevin D.
  3. K

    FOR SALE: Broken / Orphaned Drives

    Just checking to see if there's any interest in broken or orphaned drives? I have a 750g and 1TB drive that do not boot from my 3U. I also have 3 750g drives that were functioning fine, but were force failed to upgrade to larger drives. These cannot be added to another system, or be...
  4. K

    SOLD: Grandfathered 1U loaded with four 6TB drives.

    Just finished replicating to my 3U. 1U has worked perfectly for me the past year. Three of the 6TB drives were purchased June 15, 2018, the fourth Oct 17, 2018. So you have right at 2 years warranty left on three and 2.5 years warranty on the last. Currently set for DHCP and ready for its new...
  5. K

    D2D/upgrades and UV

    Does anyone know if disc 2 digital or version upgrades are in any way associated with UV? Just curious if any of these options might be going away. Kevin D.
  6. K

    I'm guessing no more Sony UV

    Got this email today.
  7. K

    SOLD: M500 Player, Region A/1

    Up for sale is an extra M500 player I acquired. Updated to 8.3.0 and set to DHCP. Includes remote and power cable. Does not include rack ears. Warranty expired 2/22/2013. Eligible for trade in. Fully tested. No issues with drive. Will ship in factory M500 box (not it's box, but legit M500...
  8. K

    FOR SALE: M300/K300 Rack shelves, Broken K6000 & K300's

    Broken units taken from a system. K300 players are dead as their power supplies are good, so essentially selling the rack mount kits. Units should be good for trade up if you wanted. Single K300 in rack shelf with one blank. Dual K300's in rack shelf. Also have Kplayer-6000 that tries to...
  9. K

    10TB Strato w/Costar ...OR... 6TB Strato w/Costar

    Traded my C1 setup for a 10TB Strato with Costar. Can't decide whether to sell it or my 6TB version, so I'll let the market decide. Option 1: 6TB Strato with Costar. Always lived on a 2U rack shelf. Warranty expires 8-18-2020, so right at two years left. Will be shipped in original box with...
  10. K

    FOR SALE: 1tb drive from two disk set

    Pulled from my 1u server. Was part of a two disk set where the other failed. Includes OS. Should be able to put into a blank 1u and add more drives to get around ordering one with OS. Will not work adding to an existing drive setup. Or use it to poke around on a working drive. Also includes...
  11. K

    FOR SALE: Dual Cinema One's (Gen2) & DV700

    Finally made the switch over to a Premier 1U and M700. Migration should be finished in about 4 hours. I'll have pictures tomorrow night. Items for sale: Cinema One Gen2, grandfathered. Warranty expired 2017-01-19. Optical drive replaced under warranty 2016-11-29. Cinema One Gen2, not...
  12. K

    Deal Alert: Wonder Woman UHD

    Vudu has Wonder Woman UHD on sale today for $9.99 with UV. This will transfer to the K store, downloading to my Strato now. Kevin D.
  13. K

    Data Caps, the struggle is real!

    So I purchased a Strato this month. Will eventually be paired with a C1 via a Co-star. Still have a second C1 in the matrix for multi-room viewing and not paired with a Strato (yet). So this month involved deleting all HD store movies on the C1's, and downloading all the SD quality. When the...
  14. K

    Minor Log Clean Up Issue

    Very, very minor issue, but when OCD like me it does trigger me a little bit. Recently added a DV700 to my C1 system (2nd gen). All previous cataloged Bluray's have imported fine, but using the clean up button does not get rid of cataloged discs that have been imported. If you click on the...
  15. K

    So can anyone find Serendipity in the store?

    So I'm going through my typical delete HD, download SD process to make room in my C1's (cannot wait for my switch and alto), and came to Serendipity. I have it on my system as an HD download, but cannot find it in the store to download the SD version. It's not like they don't have an SD...
  16. K

    Where did digital offers go?

    Posted from the firmware thread. Not a normal firmware improvement. Just noticed my 2nd gen Cinema 1's no longer have the digital offers tab for any movies. This was a very used option with my 2 C1's. Pretty much since they were bastard children and limited to two units paired, any time I...
  17. K

    New C1 with m700, now and in the future

    So I'm sitting here with two C1's and could really use a vault. The m700 seems to be more plentiful on the used market. 1: Does anyone know if an m700 can currently be grouped with the new c1 and just use the vault portion? 2: Tangent to that, when the Encore integration update happens, I...
  18. K

    Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated?

    Once again, going through UV and disc to digital upgrades, I noticed that my UV unrated version of Fifty Shades does not work on the regular version from Kaleidescape. What are the odds of them adding the unrated version since I'm sure there's nothing they can do to force enable a UV right...
  19. K

    Cowboys & Aliens UV Issue?

    So I was going through my discs converting FOX BR's to digital and noticed that Cowboys and Aliens was grayed out. It was a UV download and obviously it was correct at some point since I did download it. It's still in my UV account and playable on Flixster. So something on Kscape's end is...
  20. K

    Question on multi-feature discs.

    So one of the things I was amazed by when I started loading my system was a cheap 4-disc Alfred Hitchcock public domain set where the system actually broke every movie out individually. It's 4 DVD's with like 15+ movies. After stocking up on some more cheap 2+ movie discs plus loading a...