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Search results

  1. J

    Movies on Sale...

    Hah! I went to bed last night trying to figure out what HoM was.
  2. J

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Thank you @tayloe . This really helps and is a great step forward to show the confidence in your products!
  3. J

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    How old was it when it failed? I’m also curious about environmental things like temperature, dust, etc. I’m not looking to give an excuse, but I just bought a Strato S so I am simply curious.
  4. J

    Strato 12 TB Duplicated Movie Question

    In addition to what Jim stated, if you browse to the Strato on your network and go to the Movies Tab, you will see white arrows next to the titles with multiple versions. You click that arrow and it will expand to show you the multiple versions and types. From there you can select the main...
  5. J

    ICYMI Check your BestBuy Offers

    100% agree with all points.
  6. J

    Movies on Sale...

    Ahhh. The “stacking” approach. Makes sense, and yes, definitely not working that way for me!
  7. J

    Movies on Sale...

    The D2D price of a title on sale is essentially the sale price. Frozen II for me is normally $21-something with D2D. I’m now seeing $14.99* (D2D), which is also the sale price
  8. J

    Movies on Sale...

    I believe it’s title specific. I have some D2D that are showing a lower price than previously available. Also, you need to use a web browser as the app on my phone was not showing the adjusted price for the D2D titles on sale.
  9. J

    Movies on Sale...

    BTW - It looks like they have at least three different sales listed which are giving me different title collections when I select them. (Maybe its just a different order on my page and same titles, but I don't think so. I haven't looked close enough yet) Sale to Feast On Black Friday Deals...
  10. J

    Digital Offer Issue?

    Just confirming same here. The iOS app shows the standard D2D price I was seeing prior to the sale. Using a browser, even Safari on my iPhone, yields the discounted D2D price to account for the sale.
  11. J

    Bass EQ for Filtered Movies?

    Thank you. That is pretty much what I got from someone over at AVS, he said it would most likely be helpful still since it is the studio who does it in post. Again, I have no idea why this happens, and I am curious. As for number 2, this person also said yes, it likely *could* be different...
  12. J

    Borrow an Alto for Cataloging

    Awesome, thank you!
  13. J

    Borrow an Alto for Cataloging

    After cataloging the disc the Strato sees two version available. The digital version (D2D) and the disc version. Is it safe to delete the disc version from the Strato or would that kill the "match" of the D2D and risk needing to re-catalog in the future? In my case I have cataloged and then...
  14. J

    Bass EQ for Filtered Movies?

    Hello all, I have been reading a lot about Bass EQ for Filtered Movies and I am trying to see if the concept applies to K material from the store. As I understand it, the theory is that the studios will rolloff of filter the bass tracks as part of post-production. (I don't know why. Perhaps...
  15. J

    Integration with Home Assistant now working

    I am aligned on the logic that light up should only occur *after* credit signal received and maybe some time passes. Additionally, Intermission should bring them up, perhaps at differ level as mentioned. For my testing I have a single Hue light tied to the test automation from Home Assistant...
  16. J

    Integration with Home Assistant now working

    Ah!!! I bet that is correct! My daughter mentioned “there are some scenes as part of the credits”. Thank you for that!
  17. J

    Disc won’t eject from M700

    Chris gave the right link, and the period at the end will give you a bad URL result though. https://support.kaleidescape.com/article/Disc-Vault-Disc-Removal-Procedure
  18. J

    Integration with Home Assistant now working

    Well, I am new here, and I assure you, my CURRENT setup is not all that awesome. Im in the process of building a dedicated theater and decided I wanted in on the K ecosystem, so I connected with Jim and got setup with a Strato. My main goal was to start building the collection on the K instead...
  19. J

    Integration with Home Assistant now working

    For those of us who are in the DIY realm with automation or *only* using Lutron Ra2, there was a recent release of a K integration for Home Assistant. I have installed it and it works very well. The example provided by the developer does a basic light up / lights down scene based on play /...
  20. J

    NEWS: Kaleidescape and Lutron

    Ra3 looks cool for those in the professional / integrator ecosystem. Supports the new Sunnata devices, is backwards compatible with several of the Ra2 devices, and appears to support device to device bridging for coverage. The downside is that the new processor (repeater / gateway device) is...