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  1. M

    M700 not outputting video

    Hi all, overnight my M700 doesn’t seem to be outputting a video signal. I’ve rebooted, switched cables, connected to a different display and have the same problem. Is this just the symptom of a worn out integrated player, and if so is repair possible, or might there be another fix via settings...
  2. M

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    Hi all, I have my Strato connected to a HDMI matrix. All works fine except that at the end of movie playback there is a loss of signal which causes my TV to temporarily show a screensaver with a “no signal” message, before eventually returning to the K OSD. This is likely matrix related as this...
  3. M

    HDR titles not showing in OSD

    Hi all, I’ve connected a Strato to a 4K HDR HDMI matrix and am outputting to a 4K HDR TV, so in theory everything should work ok! ;) However, my OSD is not showing any HDR titles and the video capabilities in settings is telling me my display does not support HDR. But my Apple TV 4K is having...
  4. M

    M700 playback and OSD slow

    Hi all, I’ve noticed that playback and browsing via the OSD on my M700 has become very sluggish recently. I concede there‘s a chance this may just be perception as I mostly use a Co-Starred Strato and M500 with the faster interface, but I think not, as at times it can take many seconds for the...
  5. M

    Strato remote problems

    Hi all, I have a Strato which I’m having problems controlling with any remote. It won’t respond to the K remote (I’ve tried it with a few of them) and I’ve tried with a Harmony remote and again, no response. The Strato is Co-Starred with an M500. Might this be the issue?
  6. M

    M700 Rack Mounting

    Hi everyone, This is probably a question for Kaleidescape Support but perhaps someone on the forum might have a quick answer first… I’ve had an M700 for years but have never rack mounted it. I want to do this now, but am unsure about a couple of things. I have the rack ears but not the...
  7. M

    Imported Blu ray not playing

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can advise about a strange issue I’m having. I’ve had series 6 of the old British Avengers TV series on Blu-ray imported onto my system for a couple of years now, which has always played without problems. Recently when I’ve tried to play any of the 9 imported discs...
  8. M

    1U replacement drive not working

    Hi all, I have just received a replacement for a failed 6TB drive on my 1U server. However when I inserted it, it made a spinning and clicking sound for about 30 seconds before going solid amber. My system is unusable and tells me I still have a missing or failed disk. I have contacted K...
  9. M

    FOR SALE: Brand new Middle Atlantic custom rack shelf for Alto/Cinema 1

    This custom shelf was made to order by Middle Atlantic and will fit the Alto or 2nd gen Cinema One. It's never been used as I upgraded to a Premiere system shortly after I purchased it. Asking £100 (approx $130) OBO plus shipping from U.K.
  10. M

    FOR SALE: Two 2nd Generation Cinema Ones

    Two 2nd Generation Cinema Ones (grandfathered) Both come boxed with all accessories and are in very good condition. Both are grandfathered, so can import DVDs. Note on condition: there is a small scratch on top of one of the units and a small adhesive mark on the fascia of the other where...
  11. M

    The state of movie guide bookmarking

    I'm finding that more and more Blurays I import onto my system are not bookmarked, saying simply "Play Disc". I can understand some of my more obscure titles appearing this way - such as the Avengers 60's TV series in Bluray - but recent high profile titles I've imported recently are not...
  12. M

    Premiere Web UI overhaul

    Hi all, I see from the Strato install guide that it seems to have a different and relatively modern admin UI. Was wondering if K is planning to overhaul the Premiere UI in a similar fashion? My heart sinks a little every time I visit the admin UI, like I've been transported back to 2004. Ok...
  13. M

    Cover Art for Collections

    Hi All, I'm new to the system and the forum so apologies if this feature is either already available and I just haven't found it, or has already been discussed/requested. It seems like a really basic feature, but I can't seem to find a way to browse collections in Cover Art mode, but I know it...
  14. M

    Upgrading from Grandfathered Cinema 1 to new 1U

    Hi All, I'm a new Kaleidescape owner and really enjoying the system. Having been a long term tinkerer with DIY alternatives, I can really say there is no comparison. This forum is a great resource too and I'm hoping someone can help with my query! I have 2 linked Cinema Ones, both...