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Search results

  1. stamatopo

    SOLD: Cinema one second gen working blu ray drive

    Cinema one second gen in good working order. Disc drive recognises all blu rays. It does make a whirling noise when first loading the disc but plays / catalogues / imports fine. Comes with remote and non original power supply. £400
  2. stamatopo

    SOLD: £710 / $1000 - 2 x Kaleidescape Cinema Ones second gen

    2 x Cinema One Second gen players. Both are grandfathered. In good condition with some small age related marks. Drives on both units fail to read discs when inserted. Players work fine independently or when linked provide 8tb storage. Can be linked to a strato using a costar. power supply’s...
  3. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape 1U with 4 x 3TB drives and m700 disc vault

    For sale is a 1U server with 4 x 3TB drives and an M700 - update M700 sold The 1U comes with 4 x 3TB drives. There's a small issue with one of the hard drives, the latch on the side that keeps the drivein place within the server has snapped off which means you have to slot the latch in place...
  4. stamatopo

    SOLD: Sony Optiarc 5640h for M700 kvault

    I have a have a spare Sony Optiarc 5640h drive never used, purchased in case my m700 failed which has since been sold . Open to offers on this one.
  5. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Alto - K0508

    For sale is a Kaleidescape Alto - K0508 player. This model differs from the hard drive version - The k0508 was sold without internal storage and can play back from a Kaleidescape Terra movie server, another Kaleidescape Alto or Strato movie player, the internal disc drive, or a Kaleidescape...
  6. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault $2,100 / £1,500 and Alto $700 / £500

    For sale is the following : Kaleidescape M700 - good working order. $2,700. Sold Now $2,500 Now $2100 / £1,500 Kaleidescape KSever 1500 with 4 x 2 TB drives. 4th Drive is bad - - SOLD Kaleidescape KServer 1500 with 4 x 1TB drives. Server starts but PSU starts making a popping noise, too...
  7. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Cinema One Second Gen (blu ray) £450 / $600

    Kaleidescape Cinema One Second Gen (blu ray) in good working order. comes with power brick and remote £600 / $800
  8. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Strato player 6tb - now... £2100

    Strato 6tb good working order £2,800 £2400 shipped from the UK
  9. stamatopo

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Alto now £600

    Kaleidescape Alto 4tb in good working order disc drive can sometimes be temperamental, but more often than not will play discs. Now £600
  10. stamatopo

    SOLD: K DV700 faulty

    For sale is a DV700 unit. The on-screen display is not working and K support has confirmed the unit is faulty. When the unit is powered on the drive makes a starting noise and the carousel moves but nothing else. Open to offers.
  11. stamatopo

    FOR SALE: Non K Equipment - Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 2 months old (can be used as a co-star replacement)

    Lumagen Radiance 4242, just over two months old. Purchased and configured by Gordon. Lumagen comes with 4 x in 9ghz card & 2 x out 9ghz cards £2800 For anyone that may have questions re 9ghz / 18ghz sources - Question: For what sources are 18 GHz inputs, and outputs, required? Answer: With...
  12. stamatopo

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Strato 6tb

    Strato 6tb good working order. warranty valid until - 4/2021 £2,900 GBP
  13. stamatopo

    The ultimate kaleidescape script - Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order (124 scenes)

    Firstly, I can’t take credit for the below achievement and secondly I can’t create the exhaustive script as unfortunately I don’t have all the movies in my library, however I’m more than happy for someone to take a stab at it 😉 A marvel fan has painstakingly broken down every scene from the 23...
  14. stamatopo

    NEWS: Scorsese reflecting on lockdown with K OSD in the background

    Documentary Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard on BBC2 showed Martin Scorsese talking about the meaning of lockdown with a kaleidescape OSD in the background. Go Marty 👌 https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000jjqc/front-row-late-lockdown-culture-with-mary-beard-episode-7
  15. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape cinema one 4tb grandfathered (second gen)

    Kaleidescape cinema one 4tb grandfathered. Great condition. £1,000 + delivery
  16. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape 1U server and Kplayer 5000

    Selling as a bundle : kaleidesape 1U server with 2 x 1tb hard drives. Ready to import content. See pics. kplayer 5000 - door latch can sometimes get sticky but plays content from the 1u with no issues Reduced to £800 / $980
  17. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape 4TB Alto with remote

    Kaleidescape 4TB Alto with remote in perfect working order, comes with remote. Player is set to Blu Ray region A, but can be easily changed by your dealer. There are a few surface marks on the top of the player and the very top right corer of the player's facia has a small dent. Cataloguing and...
  18. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Alto 6tb

    Kaleidescape 6tb alto, great condition. £850
  19. stamatopo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Cinema One second gen 4tb

    Kaleidescape Cinema One Player with 4tb storage. Note the optical drive on this unit can read and import DVD’s but can’t read blu rays at present. A replacement drive can be ordered from a Kaleidescape dealer. The top right facia has two small marks see pics Comes with power supply and remote.
  20. stamatopo

    Kaleidescape at ISE 2020

    Great to see Kaleidescape at ISE 2020. They partnered with DTS, Trinov audio and Procella audio, demoing content on a strato with a 32 channel set-up, totalling $250,000 of kit. Shallow from A Star is Born still seems to be the main choice for demo reference, but good to see some new demo...