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Search results

  1. cinelife

    Request: Monty Python's Flying Circus in HD

    That's a great question, do not know, I'll let Luke or other knowledgeable K employee comment. Jim
  2. cinelife

    Remote commands for Crestron

    Sorry, do not know, we don't do Crestron. You can email Support and they should be able to confirm what Crestron systems are supported. (support@kaleidescape.com) Jim
  3. cinelife

    Request: Monty Python's Flying Circus in HD

    Probably because that's all they were given by the Distributor. Jim
  4. cinelife

    Strato S Discontinuing

    No, there should not be a difference in audio or video, but as you noted the Terra servers have other benefits. Jim
  5. cinelife

    Remote commands for Crestron

    Kaleidescape has control modules and templates for Crestron, are they using those? Jim
  6. cinelife

    M500 catalog issue

    When you select "Purchase" you'll see the "Download to" section in the middle of the page. Just uncheck the box if you don't want the HD version downloaded to your Premiere system. Also, if you don't want your Strato system to download both a UHD copy and an HD copy (assuming they're...
  7. cinelife

    Rental playback dialogue box error

    Given that Mike said to contact support directly, obviously ignore my comment about your dealer. Jim
  8. cinelife

    Rental playback dialogue box error

    That's a first for me, hasn't happened in my systems. You should start by contacting your dealer, they're responsible for reaching out to K Support, if they can't help. Jim
  9. cinelife

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Yes, that seems to be the prevailing thought, I think it was at a $25 mil loss during its theatrical release period. Jim
  10. cinelife

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    It could also just the automated process, and might be fixable. Luke can comment further when he has time. (I doubt you'd have to pay again just to acquire an added soundtrack.) Jim
  11. cinelife

    NEWS: Kaleidescape and Cineak Luxury Seating

    So..... The car drives me home, The house lights up as we approach the garage, I exit the car, the doors lock behind me, The side door unlocks as I approach, The house knows I'm home, it speaks to me, "Welcome home Jim," The shades adjust down, it knows I prefer privacy at this hour, The music...
  12. cinelife

    Any tips/tricks for music database support post June 30 2020?

    That's what I was trying to say in my first and last sentences above. There is no alternative way that I'm aware of to make the process easier. It has to be done by the user, as you say, line-by-line, and you'll have to upload your own cover art as well, unfortunately. Jim
  13. cinelife

    Any tips/tricks for music database support post June 30 2020?

    Being a closed proprietary system there is no 3rd party software that can reach your CD collection on a K system. Kaleidescape made it clear they were exiting the support channel for CD's a while ago, and they did release software that allowed us all to move our CD collections, or more...
  14. cinelife

    NEWS: Kaleidescape and Cineak Luxury Seating

    New partnership between Kaleidescape and Cineak, another leader in the AV industry. Here's the press release: Kaleidescape and CINEAK Combine Premium-Quality Playback with the Luxury Seating Experience for Private Cinemas Design-Driven Seating Provides Ultimate Comfort When You Press...
  15. cinelife

    Strato S Discontinuing

    It shouldn't matter, there is nothing wrong with owning a Strato-S, they are still excellent models, and fully supported by K per their warranty policy. Many of us still own these models, and people shouldn't equate this news to the release of a new projector, or new processor, or some other...
  16. cinelife

    Strato S Discontinuing

    Well since it is now being discussed, I can confirm the Strato-6TB is discontinued. It can no longer be ordered for sale to consumers. The few that will remain at K will only be available to dealers to use as demo systems.. The decision to end Strato-6TB sales is based on the much...
  17. cinelife

    Strato & Electrical Noise

    This has probably already been mentioned, but people should keep in mind that most hum, regardless of the piece of equipment you suspect is generating it, is usually caused by your electrical system, not the equipment. The equipment's electrical draw may expose the problem (ground loop...
  18. cinelife

    "Relase Date" Experiences

    That was explained in another thread, there were some data sync issues that were corrected and speeds returned to normal AFAIK (I know mine did). That was an anomaly, speeds are not usually affected in any significant way on release dates. Jim
  19. cinelife

    101 Question: How do you view a collection in Covers?

    Not what you're asking, but there is one minor exception, and that's the "Child" collection, because it ONLY shows the Covers, and only when using the child remote control. Jim
  20. cinelife

    FOR SALE: 1U Server

    I just received another 1U Server from a client. No warranty, but is said to be working fine. Contact me by email or PM for more details and pricing. Jim Email: cinelifellc@gmail.com