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Search results

  1. D

    SOLD: M700 Vault/Player

    For Sale KVAULT- M700. $3,000 For those not familiar with this item, it is a disc vault combined with a Blu-Ray & DVD player, to be used in conjunction with a Premiere system. Can be used to bulk load Blu-Rays and DVDs, as well as acting as an M Class Blu-Ray and DVD player. It holds 320...
  2. D

    Terra Server questions

    A couple of Terra Server questions: 1) On the settings page for capacity and available storage, terabytes are only listed to one decimal (IE 100 GB). Is it possible to see the capacity listed in GB? 2). Does Kaleidescape have a “maximum fill” recommendation of Terra servers before performance...
  3. D


    Hi Mike Kobb, I’m hoping you read my post and can clear up some confusion I have (btw, thanks for participating on the forum!!) . As far as I know, this topic hasn’t been discussed on the forum yet. A few days ago, I discovered something disturbing - a title I purchased was no longer in the...
  4. D

    Studios that do/don't offer upgrade pricing

    By any chance, has anyone kept a list of studios in the Kscape store that do not offer upgrade pricing? I know for instance the Disney studios don’t (Disney, Disney Animation, Pixar).
  5. D

    Duplicates on the 3U servers

    I apologize if this has been addressed before, but is there an easy way to quickly identify duplicates on the 3U servers? Thanks
  6. D

    Disc to Digital Studios

    For the current list of studios - does anyone have a list of those that: 1. offer disc to digital v 2. those that don't? Thanks
  7. D

    Current KOS versions

    Can someone report what the current software versions are for the Premiere and Terra servers? I purchased a new house and my servers have been out of communication with Kaleidescape. Mine currently: Premiere: kOS 8.1.0-17826 on November 2 Terra: kOS 10.2.0-18118 on January 18...
  8. D

    Welcome Paramount!

    Just noticed - The first Paramount titles are available!
  9. D

    Best 4k HDR titles

    Hi All! I was hoping to get some advice: which 4k titles I should buy. I just added an Encore system (to my preexisting Premiere system), and hooked it up to a 4k OLED (LG), and want to buy some content to showcase it. Anyone have opinions? Also, does anyone know if the Kaleidescape remotes...
  10. D

    Ghostbusters Soundtrack Problem

    Hi Hopefully someone from Kaleidescape will see this post - I just tried watching the new Ghostbusters movie (HD version) and discovered that the soundtrack (DTS Master Audio) was all screwed up - levels from all speakers blasting way too loud, and the same audio (it sounded like) from all...
  11. D

    Previously Released Titles Appearing as New to the Store

    Does anyone know why some movie titles, that have been in the Kaleidescape Store for some time, suddenly show up as new to the store titles. Iv'e seen this with several movies, the most recent "Reindeer Games". I thought perhaps it might be a new audio format, but both my version, and the...
  12. D

    Broken 3U Server

    I came home from work last night and discovered that my movie collection had diminished precipitously. It turned out one of my 3U servers was dead. Pressing the power button on the server does nothing - no lights, no fan, etc.. The power outlet is definitely live. I’m therefor suspecting a bad...
  13. D

    Death Becomes Her

    I noticed my Hastings sore has Death Becomes Her on Blu-Ray. The DVD version is in the Kaleidescape store. Anyone know if the Blu-Ray quality version is coming to the store as well?
  14. D


    Does anyone know if the store will be carrying Creed. It appears to be a Warner title according to blurry.com. Thanks
  15. D

    Finding upgradable DVDs in the store

    Has anyone else noticed that the store has removed the option to search based on price. I used this feature specifically to search for DVDs in my collection that could be upgraded to HD quality (in the store, My Kaleidescape -> Digital Offers, and adjust the search criteria to show offers $2.99...
  16. D

    Ender's Game on the store a week early!

    Was just on the store, and Ender's Game is available for download - 1 week earlier than the street date!
  17. D

    iPad app update

    Did anyone else catch this video from John Sciacca's CEDIA coverage about the iPad App update integrating cover art browsing? Wonder when it will be available? CEDIA 2013 Kaleidescape add cover art browsing to iPad app - YouTube
  18. D

    Problems with Total Recall Blu Ray

    I just imported the blu ray version of Total Recall (2012), which seemed to go OK. But when playing the movie, it freezes up, with an error message of Difficulty Reading the Disc. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  19. D

    Blu Ray Cover Art Photoshop File

    Recently I checked with Kaleidescape to see if I could get ahold of the Photoshop file that I assumed they use to create the beautiful blue bars at the top and bottom of Blu Ray cover artwork. It turns out, though, that the blue bars are actually coded in through the database. So, through trial...
  20. D

    disc failure on 3U server

    Tonight I discovered that one of my hard drives failed in my new 3 U server. The web interface home page tells me that the drive is being rebuilt on the spare drive. Has anyone had this happen before? If so, how long does this process take? My 3U server has 14 two TB drives, with 17.7 TB used...