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Search results

  1. M

    Missing Tracks UHD Peter Gabriel Front to Back

    Does anyone know why the UHD version of Front To Back is missing tracks that are on the HD version?
  2. M

    Flash Gordon and Blues Brothers 4k

    Does anyone know if these are coming soon?
  3. M

    Rush Concerts or Movies

    Does anyone know if there are any of the Rush Concerts or Documentaries coming to the store soon?
  4. M

    "Inside Out" Special features

    i "upgraded" from Blu Ray to 4K quality on this title and it looks as if there are bookmarks to the short features or disc extras. I have not cracked the code on how to navigate to them. Has anyone else noticed this? Kind of a same as "Riley's First Date" is a great demo
  5. M

    4K Titles Removed From Store

    I have seen some 4K titles removed from the store. I know 1776 is one that I won in UHD that is now no longer available. Can anyone shed any light on this issue?
  6. M

    Speed Upgrade from Store

    Has anyone else noticed a dramatic increase in the download speed of the store today? I typically get around 100 MEG and today I am between 200 and 300. Movies are downloading in about 20 minutes
  7. M

    Removing Atmos?

    This is listed from another site and it looks like these Atmos titles are being replaced by DTS. Anyone else hear anything about ths? 4K Kaleidescape changes for September 16: ===== 17 format changes ===== Darkest Hour (2017) 4K HDR DTS was 4K HDR Atmos...
  8. M

    Universal UV Ending Sept 4th

    Universal will no longer redeem in UV as of the 4th if September. If you are on the fence on any titles from Kaliedescape that you will want to be in your other libraries you need to purchase this weekend. They will stay in your library but no more new redeems after Tuesday
  9. M

    Strato 10TB Demo

    This is a demo unit Strato TB with over two years of warranty left. I needed to replace it with the new 12TB I will include the custom rack shelf if you desire. Unit new is 5995. 5K obo.
  10. M

    Star Trek UHD UV

    I purchased Star Trek and ST2 Khan in the Store and they are UV but they are not listed in my UV library as UHD. Is this an issue for anyone else?
  11. M

    UHD UV Not Showing

    Does anyone else here own Expendables 3 ON UHD. This has been in my UV as UHD for a while but does not show up as UHD in the Store
  12. M

    Store Maintenance

    Was only temp
  13. M

    Grandfathered 3U and M700

    These are units that are working perfectly, but are out of warranty. The server has 8 4TB drives and 2 TB drives. These can be purchased as is or I would be happy to get them replaced or traded up for new if you would like to pay the difference. I will ship internationally and would consider...
  14. M

    FOR SALE: Strato 6TB Demo

    This is a unit purchased in October 2017. We have run out of room and are upgrading to a 10TB. Will sell for 3900 obo. It still has the balance of the standard warranty and can be extended as well
  15. M

    4K with Atmos Collection

    There is now a collection on the store with 4K Atmos. My guess is many of these are updated so they will likely need to be downloaded again
  16. M

    UHD Sale

    In response to Apple Vudu has put a considerable number of titles on sale all of these listed will also give you 4K UHD they are all 14.99 Lego Batman Lego Movie The Conjuring Annabelle Mad Max American Sniper San Andreas Pacific Rim Good Fellas Batman Vs Harley Quinn Despicable Me Despicable...
  17. M

    Spiderman and Baby Driver 4K only release?

    I had purchased the 4K version Baby Driver but I do not own a Strato yet. It appears that the HD version is not available yet. It appears Spiderman Homecoming may be the same way. These titles were purchased through a source different than Kaliedescape. Has anyone else seen this issue with...
  18. M

    UV 4K UHD

    Does anyone know if these convert into 4K as well as Blu Ray Quality?
  19. M

    Founder UV- Isssue

    We have someone who purchased "Founder" on VUDU and it does not show up in Kaleidescape. This is becoming more common (Straight Outta Compton) but we have rarely never seen something purchased on the Kscpae store not show up in UV
  20. M

    Adding a drive to 3U

    I am having difficulty adding a new 6TB drive to a 3U. The hot spare never stops flashing blue.