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Search results

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    Big Trouble in Little China

    Entire video.
  2. S

    Big Trouble in Little China

    Same issue. Downloaded multiple times and did not resolve.
  3. S

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Try the script attached to this thread post #32. https://www.kscapeowners.com/XF/threads/marvel-cinematic-universe.3991/post-40075
  4. S

    Filmmaker Mode on Kscape?

    Filmmaker Mode currently works with 2020 and newer LG OLEDs. It is just another picture setting option like Cinema, Game, Sports, ISF Bright and ISF Dark picture modes that you select when calibrating. Kaleidescape automatically sends a HDMI flag for all content including the onscreen GUI...
  5. S

    Creating new scripts

    This is most likely an older Premier player. If it is left alone and not linked to a Strato, you can access the script from player’s IP address. There is a scripting tab. See picture below. However, once a player is merged with a Strato, the Premier scripts are no longer supported.
  6. S

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yes. The files are named the same.
  7. S

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Updated scenes for Black Panther update 4/18/21. Also added new entry and ending credits for fun.
  8. S

    Control 4, Strato and Lutron

    I would change the C4 programming from Strato play/pause status to actually pressing the pause button on the remote to trigger the lights. I have my system programmed off the remote button push of pause. First press pauses the video and second press of the pause button triggers Intermission...
  9. S

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    You might try setting the Strato to "Minimize display mode changes". However, it may also be a delay in your HDMI matrix switching from HDR to SDR for OSD.
  10. S

    Sharing Strato/Alto between two rooms

    You mention a Control4 hub in your first post. My guess is that your Control4 is programmed to turn on the Media Room when the Strato starts to play or turned on. Check your Control4 programming for the Strato.
  11. S

    Sharing Strato/Alto between two rooms

    I would not worry about the 15 feet rating. It is for traditional copper and not fiber hdmi. Recommend testing the fiber cable between rooms before putting it in the wall. Atlona has a 1x4 too. https://atlona.com/product/at-ron-444/
  12. S

    Sharing Strato/Alto between two rooms

    Before spending on the Atlona, you might try the Lyndorf Zone 2 HDMI. I have not used this PreAmp but might work until you get a splitter. https://atlona.com/product/at-ron-442/
  13. S

    Sharing Strato/Alto between two rooms

    Splitting the HDMI signal is the easy part. I would recommend a quality splitter like an Atlona that is rated for 4K HDR at 18gbs. The hard part is getting a high quality image to the OLED TV. Personally I would stay away from HD-BaseT extenders over CAT6 cable for that great 77 inch OLED...
  14. S

    Collection View Sorting

    Correct for the website store collections. I’m referencing the player onscreen GUI Collections View. I believe they are only listed alphabetically.
  15. S

    Collection View Sorting

    In addition to the alphabetical movie list in Collections View, I would like to have the ability to sort/list the movies in each Collection by Year or even custom list. Examples, James Bond Collection - sorted by release year AFI Top 100 - custom sort/list by rank Marvel Movies - listed by...
  16. S

    Movies not available in K Store???

    Your dealer can request a spreadsheet showing all your movies with total cost to upgrade and discs missing from the store.
  17. S

    2.2 Aspect Ratio

    The same with 2.0 Aspect Ratio like Jurassic World marked as 1.85.
  18. S

    Thanks to our Forum heroes!

    Very thankful for the forum. Please remember this is not an official forum and takes real money to keep it up and running. Please consider upgrading your account in support. Thank you @josh @cinelife for making this such a great place.
  19. S

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    Price has * and below states “Special disc to digital offer”.