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    KServer 5000 Disks not powering

    They are standard, however, the server is particular with certain sticks over others. I tried replacing mine with a different brand’s sticks with the same specs and it would not boot up. I may have some extra OEM stick(s) I can sell. Send me a PM if you’re interested and I can check my stash.
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    KServer 5000 Disks not powering

    Despite buyers listing items as no returns, eBay corporate had a “no hassle” style purchasing policy. You can still push the issue through the eBay interface and basically state the item didn’t come in as described. The seller will have to reply/respond to you and attempt to rectify the...
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    SOLD: For Sale: DV700 Disc Vault w/ OEM Box

    Sold. Thanks everyone!
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    SOLD: For Sale: DV700 Disc Vault w/ OEM Box

    Thanks Brent and Jim! Yes the vault is still available. I'm also entertaining offers.
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    Duplicate Title Delete?

    To piggyback off of the original question- is there a way to delete a specific version of a movie on a premiere system with duplicates. For example if I have the widesceen and fullscreen version of a movie I’d like to delete the fullscreen version. As far as I can tell these are one entity in...
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    Premiere System - D2D question

    Yes I’d recommend connecting one vault to your strato. This will allow mass cataloging without needing the full import. The only other way that I know to “quickly” catalog is to use an M500 on Premiere, but that isn’t an option here.
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    SOLD: For Sale: DV700 Disc Vault w/ OEM Box

    For sale is my Kaleidescape DV700 Disc Vault. It is fully functional and comes with the power cord, OEM box, and packaging materials. This vault is set to DVD region 1 with all four changes remain for the DVD region setting. This DV700 is set to DHCP and ready for its next owner. There are some...
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The script was made with the old movie file. Black Panther was just updated yesterday (and you likely have this update) so the saved scenes now need to be reconfigured on this script.
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    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2021

    I wasn’t aware it was on the store before. I only got into Encore as of last summer and it wasn’t available then, and I’d periodically check to see if I had missed it. Just glad that it now is so it can be converted to digital for me.
  10. X

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2021

    Looks like Inglorious Basterds just made its way to the K store.
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    Television Series Interface Display Enhancement Request- Consolidate them to the series name.

    To tag onto that, it would be especially great if we could consolidate an unrecognized TV series into a single entry without needing to send in the discs to K. Right now I have a lot of discs that are Series X Disc 1 - 3 all as separate entries.
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    SOLD: For Sale: M700 Disc Vault w/ Brand New Disc Drive

    Additional photos attached below (surpassed 10 per post limit).
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    SOLD: For Sale: M700 Disc Vault w/ Brand New Disc Drive

    For sale is my Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault with S/N 060000010491. It is fully functional and comes with the OEM box and packaging materials. This vault is set to Blu-Ray region A, DVD region 2. All four changes remain for the DVD region setting. There is a brand new OEM disc drive service kit...
  14. X

    Expanding Strato storage with another zone?

    Jim, you’re just going to casually announce in the post above that there’s now a 48T Terra? Please do tell more!
  15. X

    Suggest me a system

    I’m getting ready to put up my M700 disc vault with a brand new OEM disc drive for sale in case you’re interested.
  16. X

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Co-star Kit $600

    Wasn't this $575 earlier in the week?
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    Please help me rate and valuate my library.

    Just open the K store in a different browser or use incognito mode in Chrome so you can see current pricing of movies.
  18. X

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    When you see the asterisk (*) next to the price that means the disc to digital pricing is equal to or lower than if you didn’t have the disc in there at all. Another trick I do to see the normal retail price of a movie is Chrome’s incognito mode and visit the K store that way. It’ll show all...
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    DIY fixing issues with hardware and D2D

    Although I can't help you with the repair, K devices have a set of LEDs for the blue lights and a separate set for the amber ones.
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    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Hey Jim thanks for doing this! Please “include me.”