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Search results

  1. K

    SOLD: PRICE REDUCED (AGAIN) - Qty. (4) 4TB Drives for Premiere 1U Server (KDISK-4000-L) - $1,625 Including Shipping

    As part of my migration to Encore, I was able to downsize and eliminate a 1U server. I'm keeping the 1U server for a backup but selling the set of (4) 4TB drives. These are all in perfect working order and ready to be installed as a set into an empty 1U server. You will need to supply your...
  2. K

    Learned Something New About Grandfathered Systems

    Hi everyone - I learned something new about grandfathered systems in the process of shrinking mine... I've been working on migrating to my 40TB Terra server after trading in one of my three 1U servers and finally finished downloading everything (330+ downloads on a 30 Mb/s connection at night...
  3. K

    The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone

    I heard about this project recently and saw it listed in the K store with the new title as "The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone" but it still has The Godfather III cover art and shows as Godfather III in downloads. Does anyone know if the K store version is the re-cut version...
  4. K

    SOLD: Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K HDR Projector $3,950

    I'm selling my old Sony VPL-VW665ES projector as I just upgraded. Includes projector, remote, manuals and power cord. Everything has been reset to factory settings. Lots of pictures attached. Lamp hours are 1,065 and it still looked great when removed. Packed up and ready to go in original...
  5. K

    SOLD: DV-700 Vault Minimal Use - Still Available - Lower Price

    REVISED 11/2/20: This is still available (and still in great condition!). I'm reducing the price to $2,900 with shipping included within the US. The previous purchase did not get completed. I will be listing this on eBay over the weekend at an equivalent price. Pictures, measurements and...
  6. K

    Shrinking a Premiere System

    Now that I've done the analysis of how much I can move to the Strato/Terra world, I have some amount of content that would only be accessible in Premiere and I'd likely want to retain that. I also see a disc vault in the Strato user interface - I thought that never came to fruition? CURRENT...
  7. K

    Preload a Strato/Terra for People w/ Bad Internet?

    I have a single Strato and new downloads go there when in 4K, but still most on Premiere (3x 1Us, 2x disc vaults). It would be cheaper to move to Strato/Terra everywhere even if I had to rebuy all of the movies given the cost of a 30TB 1U+ (even with the promotion). However, our bad internet...
  8. K

    Encore Help for Slow Internet - RAID or Imports Please!

    All, After watching my internet chug along at 8 Mb/s and cancelling my plans to watch Passengers in HDR tonight, I wanted to ask again for help for K customers like me. My internet sucks and will likely not get any better. If a drive failed in my Strato it would literally be months before...
  9. K

    1U Blank Disks?

    Is a 1U server required to have blanks installed in empty disk slots?
  10. K

    Power up empty 1U?

    Can an empty 1U server be powered up with no disks installed to confirm operation, update code, etc? Or does it have disks?
  11. K

    Walking Dead - Season 6

    I thought this was fixed, but note quite. The discs were originally unrecognized when the season was released. Then this week, I noticed they were recognized, but I still only have the "play disc" option. This is especially annoying with a TV series as it doesn't seem to resume if I stop...
  12. K

    DV-700 vs. Encore Disk Server

    Is a DV-700 functionally equivalent to an Encore Disk Server such that I could use the Disk Server in my Premiere system? Maybe it's even the same exact thing.
  13. K

    Does Strato Playback Need Network?

    Given the recent news and the likely fact that my Strato is not returnable, I was thinking of alternate use cases. I was thinking I could just load it up with DVD versions of a lot of my 600 movies in my main system and bring it to the cabin. But... Do I need a network connection for playback?
  14. K

    Fox Special Features - Future Plans?

    I don't believe I have seen anyone from K comment on this specifically. Is it part of any short, medium or long term plans to add special features to Fox titles? I really don't want to remove disks that have special features to replace them with digital downloads that just have the movie...
  15. K


    This is probably a dumb question, but is HBO it's own studio or is it distributed by a larger studio? Getting HBO in the store would free up a lot of disc vault space!
  16. K

    Lionsgate Special Features?

    I'm sure this has been covered in the past, but I was reminded of it again when considering buying Sicario. Is it likely that Lionsgate will ever add the special features to their downloads? VUDU has them and I assume Apple does as well. I would buy it today if it had the special features...
  17. K

    Black Friday Specials?

    Any word on any Black Friday specials in the store?
  18. K

    Insurance Coverage?

    Based on some threads on the forum and a lightning strike at a neighbor's down the street, I decided I should check with State Farm to make sure my homeowner's policy covered my equipment appropriately. Sadly, they told me that Kaleidescape falls under "data processing equipment" and as such...
  19. K

    1U Server Power Cord Length?

    What is the length of the standard power cord on a 1U server? I looked through the install guides and spec sheets and couldn't find it. I'm assuming some of you know this off the top of your heads. Thanks!
  20. K

    Add Another 1U Server Now - Or Wait?

    Question for the group... I'm 18 Blu-Rays away from filling up my initial 1U server. When Disney arrives in the Premiere line and especially if I can upgrade existing DVDs - that will take care of the remaining space very quickly. I'm told by my dealer that partially populated systems...