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Search results

  1. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2021

    Same price as Mortal Kombat….
  2. S

    Theater referral in Phoenix area

    May want to reach out to @Steve Bruzonsky as he lives in your general area and may have some suggestions. He is having some work done in his theater. Good luck!
  3. S

    Blu-ray Discs not playing back properly

    This was for a Strato, but could check your Alto…. Ten Commandments video aspect
  4. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2021

    I looked at all the Paramount upgrades I could get and every single one is $5-$10 except the 4 Indiana Jones movies…. SJ
  5. S

    Amazon Said to Make $9 Billion Offer for MGM

    Amazon uses new new math….😁
  6. S

    Lip Sync Issues - From Paris With Love

    What are good scenes (in K content) to test audio sync? I am using some video delay in my Lumagen to get things correct. Seems strange, but maybe because my calibrator used the game mode on my Sony 995 for calibration which has like a 27ms lag for 4K content. Thanks. SJ
  7. S

    Lip Sync Issues - From Paris With Love

    Don’t have those titles, but wish the would add audio test material! Lip Sync test material
  8. S

    Movies on Sale...

    Just heard the purchase by Amazon just went through….
  9. S

    Duplicate Title Delete?

    Worth a reminder that there is sometimes supplemental material like extras which are stored on the lower res versions for whatever reason. Hopefully at some point this will be changed. SJ
  10. S

    Duplicate Title Delete?

    Not sure I would call it easy, but if you select the movie(s) you want to delete that have multiple copies, the system will come up and ask you which ones you want to delete. You can do it in one step, but may take awhile as the system executes the deletes... SJ
  11. S

    Second Screen iPad app

    One thing that would be nice to remove is that it turns on a unit to view the data, but doesn’t turn it off….
  12. S

    Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Processors

    Kris calibrated my Sony projector and my Lumagen Pro. He has even done remote tune-ups when there were major changes in the Pro. Highly recommended! Also support from the company has always been great. Just upgraded to the 5348 model. SJ
  13. S

    Borrow an Alto for Cataloging

    Should members wipe the Alto after using? So each time it is seen as a new unit? Your probably providing an instruction sheet.... SJ
  14. S

    Disc to Digital on Strato idea

    What a great idea! Still believe K should come up with a way outside of the current process. My idea was to implement something like others have done. How hard would it be to write a PC and Mac application to do this or somehow use their app and a phones camera. Who knows, but think they...
  15. S

    AVS Forum Review

    AVS has a lot of this. I love the “owners” threads where someone comes in bashing the product. Then you have the Lumagen vs. Envy crowd, Sony vs JVC and most recently Sony GTZ380 vs Christie Gryiffyn. Wish folks would just relax and enjoy a movie. First world issues for sure. SJ
  16. S

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Did you do the recent update of this movie? I just loaded this script and it worked great. SJ
  17. S

    Movie Updates

    I did say “as an option” :) Maybe they could come up with a way to preserve scenes, etc....
  18. S

    Movie Updates

    This upgrade process needs to be fully automated as an option.... Maybe you are testing that new feature! 😉
  19. S

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Should we delete the old and the load this up? Thanks again for doing this. Many of our guests have enjoyed!
  20. S

    C0-Star automation for RTI: I could use some help

    Just thinking... Maybe connect a program which can monitor the feedback from your Strato and see if there is any difference when you play a movie from your Cinema One vs. your Strato? You can use a program like Putty or DockLight Scripting (you can get a free evaluation copy that doesn't let...