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Search results

  1. josh

    15 years!

    Hard to believe it, but as of May 29, the forum will have been running (essentially) nonstop for 15 years. While by any measure of "online community", we're still a tiny little group, but we've continued to grow members and usage every year. It all started with this post over on AVS Forum in...
  2. josh

    Crazy $20 Rental price?

    This movie seems to be offered only as a rental and at the crazy price of $20. I'm hoping that's a mistake that they'll fix? https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/barb-and-star-go-to-vista-del-mar-2021
  3. josh

    Occasional missing Rotten Tomatoes scores?

    Curious why some movies say there's no rotten tomatoes score for a title, even when there definitely is. e.g. David Byrne's American Utopia says Not Rated by Rotten Tomatoes, when in fact it has a full 127 critics rating and an impressive RT score of 98%. David Byrne's American Utopia (2020)...
  4. josh

    Alert/Notification when movie is downloaded and ready.

    We get an email that our purchase went through, but it would be super useful to get an alert that the download is complete and movie is ready to watch! Can be by email, or by in-app Notification in the Kaleidescape app?
  5. josh

    Keep original import or download timestamp after replication

    Finished replicating the content from my 3U server to a new 1U+. Process went smoothly once I figured out the right way to get the system configured properly. The big disappointment is that it has reset the timestamp on when each movie was originally downloaded or imported, so my "New"...
  6. josh

    SOLD: KServer-5000 (3U server) **LOWERED PRICE**

    **LOWERED PRICE TO $1650 + ACTUAL SHIPPING COST** 3U Server with 45TB installed (shows 32,825GB total capacity accounting for RAID hot swap disk) SERIAL #: 0000-00230A10 Server and all drives work perfectly. I believe cosmetically the server is in excellent condition. It's been rackmounted...
  7. josh

    Replication process

    I'm replicating all my Premier-system content from a 3U to a 1U+. Replication seems to be going well, and the "replication status" window is showing the first 30 or so movies being finished, but the web interface for the destination server is NOT showing movies getting added to it. It shows...
  8. josh

    Definitive steps to preparing a server for resale

    After seeing this thread, it struck me that it would be helpful to have a list of the steps needed to clear, reset, and sell a server to another users. Selfishly, I'll be needing these steps myself soon as I prepare to sell a 3U server. Once all the content is replicated to a new server (if...
  9. josh

    Thanks to our Forum heroes!

    Appropriate for this Thanksgiving season, I just wanted to give a shout out to some members here who have put in extraordinary efforts to make this forum so vibrant and helpful. The "Movie Store" section of the forum has become the most active and popular area, and a big part of that should be...
  10. josh

    NEWS: Welcome Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape CEO, to Kaleidescape Owners' Forum!

    Jim @cinelife and I are very pleased to welcome Tayloe Stansbury (@tayloe) as a new user here on the forum. As you know, Tayloe was recently named Kaleidescape's new CEO, and is a long-time Kaleidescape customer and movie lover. We're glad to have him here for whatever level of participation...
  11. josh

    Sound levels: 3U vs. 1U+

    Anyone have any objective comparison of the sound levels of a 3U with most or all of the bays full of drives vs. that of a full (4-drive) 1U+ server? I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the sound level of my aging 3U server that sits in an equipment rack in my home office, but am not sure it's...
  12. josh

    Co-star'ed player question

    I have a M500 premier player paired with a Strato in our Family Room zone. I have paired the premier server (3U) to a Terra/multi-strato system. The web interfaces are confirming both the server and the player pairing to be correct. I often leave the 3U Premier server powered off due to its...
  13. josh

    Avatar - huh?

    Can someone remind me of the reason that Avatar is not available in 4K? Seems crazy... (oh yeah, reminds me... GIFs now available for inline display in posts. I'm so sorry for that... )
  14. josh

    Changing your forum Username

    This one gets asked of me quite often... New feature for our Premium and Patron members: You can change your username, though it's restricted to no more than once every 30 days. Once changed, all previous posts, messages and mentions get updated to your new name. To change your username...
  15. josh

    New forum thread type: "Question"

    I've upgraded the forum engine to the latest version of Xenfo, which adds a new thread type: "Question", making a total of 3 thread types: Discussions (the regular types of posts that fill this forum), Polls (you've probably seen some of these on the system where each member can vote on...
  16. josh

    Co-starred players: controlling & getting status updates via TCP/IP

    If I have a strato paired with a premier player via costar, does the strato now handle tcp/ip command/status updates for BOTH players? My question is around both status updates generated by the players and put out on the TCP/IP stream (like movie playback location or movie title), as well as...
  17. josh

    Simplest way of triggering lights to brighten from Kaleidescape?

    I know that Kaleidescape can send a command over TCP/IP when the lights should come up during a movie (typically as credits start to roll or when the user selects the "Intermission" feature). I use Lutron RadioRa 2 throughout the house for lighting and have scenes specified in the viewing room...
  18. josh

    Trinnov Altitude

    Hey @telem - saw this on the networking discussion but didn't want to derail that conversation there, so starting a new thread here. Wow... that's some system. Curious what made you go up to the Altitude32 from the 16? Are you actually planning to use more than 16 speakers, or was there some...
  19. josh

    Movie Store - downloading multiple resolutions in an "all Encore+costar" environment

    Curious if the Movie Store is smart enough to stop downloading BOTH the 4K version AND the HD version of a purchased movie if your system has all of your Premiere-line players paired via Costar? I'm pretty sure that in that type of environment, there's really no need for the store to keep...
  20. josh

    Survey: Premiere 1u+ upgrade price & demand levels.

    Given that Kaleidescape has announced the intention to end sales of the Premiere-line equipment soon (may be helpful to read the full context of that announcement at this link) Jim and I would like to gather some data which we will pass on as unsolicited advice to Kaleidescape. Please...