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Search results

  1. cinelife

    M700 Disc Vault glue

    Seriously, maybe someone from K can comment, but I've never seen glue like that on any K component. Jim
  2. cinelife

    M700 Disc Vault glue

    I realize the substance is not at the loading door, but these are some of the substances that have made it into Vaults, (either my experience or relayed client comments). Peanut Butter Butter Jam Blueberries banana milk juice and my personal favorite.........the jelly donut! Jim
  3. cinelife

    M700 Disc Vault glue

    Do you have any young children with access to the vault? Looks like grape juice to me...😄
  4. cinelife

    KPLAYER M300-A no picture

    It was a longshot..... You should check with K Support, maybe they can see that Player and can advise you more accurately. Jim
  5. cinelife

    KPLAYER M300-A no picture

    The logo will be seen at startup, before any connecting is done by the player. Try resetting your Video Output selection (change from HDMI to Component, the scroll down and select OK). Then change back to HDMI (and select OK). Not saying this will work, probably a different problem...
  6. cinelife

    Kaleidescape Customer Service – 5 Stars Top of the Game!

    Yup! I've been working with him for all of those 16 years and he has always been at the top, and the first person I reach out to for Support. Had some other excellent tech's as well over the years (Andy, Brian, others), and Andre is excellent as well. We've been lucky to have some...
  7. cinelife

    FOR SALE: M700 Vault

    Selling an M700 Vault. Price is $2700, including shipping in US. It has never had any problems, and is currently just a second back up to the Vaults I'm currently using. I'm close to freeing up another Vault as more content in the Store has allowed me to do that, so I don't need a...
  8. cinelife

    Thank You, Jim & Josh

    Very kind thank you, but I want to acknowledge that without the contributions to this forum by so many members, yourself included, it wouldn't be the same. As both Josh and I have said many times, the forum isn't a forum without you folks, and we appreciate every one of you. Jim
  9. cinelife

    Indiana Jones collection

    Got it, thanks Kev....I have not had time to check it myself. Obviously something not right there, I'm sure it will be corrected. Jim
  10. cinelife

    Indiana Jones collection

    Unless you're deaf..... Jim
  11. cinelife

    FOR SALE: Co-Star Switch Kits

    One sold, one available. Jim
  12. cinelife

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    Just have to make you a dealer Buddy!😄 Jim
  13. cinelife

    FOR SALE: Co-Star Switch Kits

    Two Co-Star Switch Kits for sale. $425 each, includes shipping within the US. Message me, or email if interested. Jim cinelifellc@gmail.com
  14. cinelife

    Crank 4K?

    Possibly a studio driven "Rental Only" title (for now), but it could also be an error. If it still shows as rental only in the coming days, then not likely a mistake. At some point it should show up for purchase. Jim
  15. cinelife

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2021

    Late next year we'll be adding the 5th installment....filming is starting on the next Indy movie. Mangold directing this one, but Spielberg still producing along with the usual suspects. Scheduled to release mid-2022. Jim
  16. cinelife

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2021

    Too late for me....but that's okay....I like it when people answer phones....🙂 Jim
  17. cinelife

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2021

    Well the 4 disc UHD collection on Amazon is $98.50 with shipping, so for $13.00 more I'll support the Store.....and I don't have to use a UHD player for playback. Jim
  18. cinelife

    SOLD: For Sale: DV700 Disc Vault w/ OEM Box

    +1 on Brent's comments about Nathan, great guy, certainly trustworthy! Jim
  19. cinelife

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    I'll add that to my list of things I didn't know (my wife adds to it every day)! 😁 Thanks for clarifying Josh (I forgot to ask you, I did wonder why we had two). Jim
  20. cinelife

    K-Vault10 grinding sound (help!)

    Not hard to replace if you get it from K, they provide instructions and it is user replaceable. I can't speak to replacement with a "like" optical drive found online, but I'm fairly certain some member has done that successfully, so hopefully one of them can comment. You already know...