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Search results

  1. Mark H

    Audio Issues

    I got a reply back from Jim at Lumagen and below is a subset of the mail with my additions in RED The Datasat HDI input is marginal and it appears they did not implement all the HDMI audio interrupts. We have a number of people using the RS20i with the Pro without issues (at least none...
  2. Mark H

    Audio Issues

    I have now changed my DataSat to HDMI 1.4 as well as like 'SJHT' I’m not feeding 4K video into the DataSat (video comes out of my Lumagen to my projector) so will monitor. I have dropped a note to Lumagen as it seems a common component in the chain (besides the K source) so will report back when...
  3. Mark H

    Audio Issues

    I really think it is an HDMI handshaking issue that is intermittent so therefore very difficult to find as it just occurs very occasionally but then when you play the item again there is no dropout so it isn't the film (or it isn't in my case). I use the Lumagen Pro with the internal co-star...
  4. Mark H

    M500 Drive

    Replaced the drive in one of my out of warranty M500 players that stopped reading discs reliably mid 2019 using an LG CH12NS30 Blu-Ray BD-Rom Rewriter that I got for $34. It was easy to do and the only mod needed was to unclip the facia plate on the drive. 6 months on all is still working. Mark.
  5. Mark H

    Audio Issues

    I have Strato to Lumagen to projector (Video) and Lumagen to Datasat RS20i (Audio Only) and like above I get the occasional audio dropout, watching Motherless Brooklyn last night it occurred but when I 'rewound' the film and played the scene again there was no audio dropout. When a simple setup...
  6. Mark H

    Need help in the uk on the us store please

    To be honest you can't easily do what you want to do. As for the money, was it really taken or just 'reserved'? A VPN connection will allow you to see and browse the US store as I expect you know based upon your post but generally the security features built in to the card providers systems stop...
  7. Mark H


    It is always disappointing when hardware fails and even more so when there is no sensible repair option. One of my M700 Disk Vaults recently failed with Error 32 so following a power recycle as instructed the error remains..... Options from technical support for the out of warranty unit:- 1...
  8. Mark H

    FOR SALE: 3U Server

    SOLD Selling my spare 3U server with import rights from my holiday home, little used but no warranty. 10 X 750Gb drives & 1 4Tb drive (hot spare). See attached picture for details of capacity, serial number etc. PRICE £3950 / $5100 / €4400 ONO + shipping worldwide at cost once destination...
  9. Mark H

    FOR SALE: Grandfathered 3U Server

    Selling my spare 3U server from my holiday home in Spain, little used but no warranty. 10 X 750Gb drives & 1 4Tb drive (hot spare). See attached picture for details of capacity, serial number etc. PRICE REDUCED £3950 / $5100 / €4400 ONO + shipping worldwide at cost once destination address...
  10. Mark H

    SOLD: Kaleidescape M500 + 1U Server with 3 x 1tb hard drives

    Lucky you as US goods coming this way get VAT added at 20% of the declared value or even more if the country VAT rate is higher.
  11. Mark H

    FOR SALE: Grandfathered 1U Server and a Movie Player 2

    I'm in UK and looking to sell one of my 1U servers which has 3x 2Tb and 1 x 750GB drives fitted. Condition is good but has the usual minor scratches however it is fully working and was last on-line 28th January 2018 when it updated to the latest software level. It is grandfathered, i.e has DVD...
  12. Mark H

    Replacement M500 Drive

    Thought I would share:- I recently had one of my out of warranty M500 players decide it would stop reading CD's & DVD's although Blu-Ray's worked perfectly so I decided to open the player and try a replacement. Original drive was an LG UH08LS10 (Firmware 2.02) which is long discontinued and as...
  13. Mark H

    PROBLEM DISC: The Ghost Writer

    Seems the Region 2 disk of The Ghost Writer can't be imported (my copy anyway) since my system reports that to be the case. Disk is new, plays fine and isn't ex rental etc.
  14. Mark H

    WANTED: KMUSIC-4000 player

    Looking to purchase a KMUSIC-4000 player to extend my system, anybody got one they want to sell?
  15. Mark H

    WANTED: Bulk loader controller

    Looking for a bulk loader controller (Powerfile C200 changer NOT required). Anyone got one collecting dust? Link below http://www.kaleidescape.com/files/documentation/Kaleidescape-Quick-Reference-Bulk-Loader.pdf?zoom_highlight=bulk+loader#search="bulk loader" Mark