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Recent content by sirgadget

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    I could be interested in a package deal on all three players and the vault, PM me.
  2. S

    SOLD: Grandfathered 3U server, 2x DV700

    Hi John. If you solve the issue with the packaging for the 2 DV700, I'd still be a buyer :-)
  3. S


    This is tempting, but I should probably get my Premier system running before branching into the Encore line :-) I'll be watching this listing though, and will circle back in a month or so (not that I expect it to still b available).
  4. S

    SOLD: Grandfathered 3U server, 2x DV700

    Hi John. I might be interested in the remaining components. I just bought a 3U, but don't really have any drives for it, so yours might be a better option. And I could potentially use both DV700 too. But I'm in Texas. Send me a PM, and we can perhaps figure something out?
  5. S

    FOR SALE: Kaleidscape equipment

    Okay, I thought he had dropped off :-) Yeah, reach out when you know, no rush :-)
  6. S

    Yes, the Premiere line is ending....

    Thanks Jim, that's good to know, and thank you for helping clearing up my questions. Once I take delivery of the server, should be in a couple of days. Presuming it's working as advertised and not destroyed by the carrier, I'll probably reach out to you about ordering a couple of drives, and...
  7. S

    FOR SALE: Kaleidscape equipment

    Sorry if that wasn't clear, but I'm only interested in the M500, not the server, sorry.
  8. S


    Would you consider 150?
  9. S

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape KMUSIC-4000 for sale

    Would you consider 150?
  10. S

    Yes, the Premiere line is ending....

    @cinelife Thank you for that. I may play around with this at some point. I am a software engineer after all and a hacker at heart. I also don't really mind to pay for drives as long as they're available, it's if they become unavailable that is like to not get burned. Anyway, just yesterday I...
  11. S

    FOR SALE: Spring Tidy Up 1... K Components

    Are the vault(s) still available? And will you sell them separately?
  12. S

    SOLD: Kaleidescape M500 Blu-Ray/DVD Excellent Condition

    I'm interested too, if still available m
  13. S

    FOR SALE: Kaleidscape equipment

    If still available, I'd be interested in the M500 shipped to Texas
  14. S

    Yes, the Premiere line is ending....

    Have you tried it? Or is it an assumption? Of it's just the file system that is the issue, that can easily be cloned from another initialized disc. So, is there anything special about it since the plus designation? Or is it just a regular 1U?
  15. S

    Yes, the Premiere line is ending....

    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever attempted to just throw a bunch of brand new drives in the enclosures from K? I mean, I could potentially do it, since I have a, to me, brand new 1U with 4 drives I could just remove, and 4 brand new 6TB WD Reds kicking around. So it would be a fairly easy and...