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Recent content by MikeKobb

  1. MikeKobb

    Strato Won't Play

    Excellent. Very glad that you were able to get it working.
  2. MikeKobb

    Strato Won't Play

    If the capabilities tool says that the port is in "standby", I believe that means that the player itself is in standby. This is what you're seeing? Assuming yes, there should be a message just below that: If you connect to the player with the mobile app, the Remote tab will show you if the...
  3. MikeKobb

    Running Storage Total for Bundles/Downloads & Wish List Bundle Option

    Regarding the Wish List, the limitation on the web store is that it won't show you the option to select multiple titles if the collection you're viewing is large enough to span multiple pages. So one solution to work around this is to apply a filter to your Wish List that brings the number of...
  4. MikeKobb

    Mobile App 1.11.0 – Choose download qualities at last!

    Yes, at least for the present, extras are available on HD versions (and sometimes SD). So if you want the extras, you will typically need to download the HD version of the movie. Sometimes all the extras are on a separate HD-format package, so you can start the HD version of the movie...
  5. MikeKobb

    Mobile App 1.11.0 – Choose download qualities at last!

    Hello all, We've just released version 1.11.0 of the mobile apps on iOS and Android. The big new feature for this app, besides a number of under-the-hood changes, is that the app now supports selecting which quality or qualities you want to download to your system when you purchase a movie, or...
  6. MikeKobb

    Forced Subtitles not Working

    I heard back from the team regarding Chernobyl. They think you must have been referring to episode 2 (episode 1 starts in English). That scene at the start of E2 is deliberately in Russian without subtitles.
  7. MikeKobb

    Forced Subtitles not Working

    Hmmm. Unlikely to be a setting issue. Do you happen to remember which film it was that was from disc? I will ask our store team to take a look at Chernobyl.
  8. MikeKobb

    Replacement Parts Thread

  9. MikeKobb

    Control4 Chowmein driver question

    No, the situation with Josh is different. The problem there in a nutshell is that they need to know at all times the complete list of movies in the library that are playable, so that you don't say, "Watch Dune" and end up looking at a dialog that says "insert disc" or something. Unfortunately...
  10. MikeKobb

    Control4 Chowmein driver question

    Yeah, I'm not sure where that info from James about having to query both systems is coming from, but that's not my understanding of how the architecture works. Our Second Screen app uses the same API and it just connects to the Terra server. Once it sets up a control session for the paired...
  11. MikeKobb

    Request from Kaleidescape: Mobile Apps feedback

    Hello all, Some time ago, I started a thread asking those who use our Second Screen app to let me know how you use the app, what you like about it, and what if anything you would like to see changed. That thread had some excellent feedback. I'd like to renew and expand that request with this...
  12. MikeKobb

    Terra server problem -18Tb -any ideas?

    Excellent suggestion!
  13. MikeKobb

    Terra server problem -18Tb -any ideas?

    Sent you a PM. For the benefit of others reading, this is the sort of thing that will probably require help from Kaleiescape Support to diagnose. Some startup issues can be corrected on site, and some are caused by a failure that requires repair or replacement. Hopefully this is the former!
  14. MikeKobb

    What order in rack?

    Yup, that's what's in the bottom of my racks. My UPSes have expansion batteries, too, so they're in the stupid-heavy category.