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Recent content by MikeKobb

  1. MikeKobb

    Anyone else seeing much fewer Store collections?

    I should correct myself -- right now, the collections that were removed from the menu won't actually show up if you search. We intend to address that as soon as possible.
  2. MikeKobb

    Remote commands for Crestron

    Regarding your subtitle issue, what subtitles are you typically wanting to engage? I ask because the Kaleidescape system has some subtitle preferences that might handle this for you, or they might not. If you're looking for English subtitles when watching foreign-language content, this can be...
  3. MikeKobb

    M500 catalog issue

    I assume the M700 is part of the Premiere system? Since the M700 has its own player zone, the system is probably trying to ensure that that player has content available that it can play. Do you have it connected to a display? When an M500 is Co-Star paired with a Strato, that combined playback...
  4. MikeKobb

    System “count”

    Fill it up with imported discs. I believe systems flagged with the no-download option can’t have downloaded content authorized on them.
  5. MikeKobb

    Moving 24TB Terra from A/V rack

    Just to expand a bit on what others have already said — Kaleidescape components will “discover” each other on your LAN. They don’t depend on the IP addresses staying the same or anything like that. There are two reasons you might want to assign fixed IP addresses. One would be if you want a...
  6. MikeKobb

    Anyone else seeing much fewer Store collections?

    Yes, that’s a deliberate change to focus that menu on the most popular/useful collections. You can still find the other collections by just scrolling the main store landing page. Or, if you know the specific collection you’re looking for, you can always use the search feature.
  7. MikeKobb

    Dune Special Features

    ….and, like magic, they’re up!
  8. MikeKobb

    Dune Special Features

    Hi, Yes, extras for Dune are on the way. They should be available soon. (I'm looking forward to these myself!)
  9. MikeKobb

    Rental playback dialogue box error

    That's definitely the first report I've heard of anything of the sort. Please email support@kaleidescape.com and report the issue. They will escalate it to the engineering team so it can be investigated. I'm sorry for the difficulty!
  10. MikeKobb

    Stratos standby mode

    This is not recommended, because it produces accelerated wear on the system's hard drive(s).
  11. MikeKobb

    Mother (2009)

    Yes, this was a mistake in the guide data, and has been corrected. Thanks for the catch!
  12. MikeKobb

    Movie Updates

    For mobile app users, tap More, then My Updates. The app will also display a yellow "Update Available" message on the movie details page of any movie you own that has an update, so if you happen to browse to a movie, you'll see that there as well. Tap that yellow message to see more information...
  13. MikeKobb

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    See the screenshot above for where the item should show up. If you're not seeing it on any movie, there's at least one possible cause for that, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details. I'm checking with the team to learn what else might cause it. I'll post a follow-up when I have complete information.
  14. MikeKobb

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    Screenshot attached, showing both the Movie Store item and the Play Trailer item just above it. Note that your player has to be geolocated to the US, Canada, or the UK (the three countries where the Movie Store is available). These items may not appear if you are using a Co-Star installation...
  15. MikeKobb

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    I know this doesn't really fully address the core request. However, if you are browsing on the Strato, scroll down to the Movie Store item in the Details menu, then choose Related Movies. This opens the Store section of the UI, with that movie selected, and the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are shown...