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Recent content by Kevin D

  1. K

    Software to show what is playing on a tv outside theater

    It's right around the 8 minute mark he mentions the software and K plugin
  2. K

    Cinema 1 / Alto question

    If it looks like an Alto, it's the 2nd gen. 1st generation was completely different
  3. K

    Movie Updates

    If we're talking about MXTs Strato and vault, there's no importing so no harm.
  4. K

    Sharing Favoite Scenes - a tutorial

    For the Strato, browse to the IP address of the unit with /scripts on the end. IE:
  5. K

    sporadic network connection

    Might be worth trying to swap the memory, should be cheap to source a replacement. That and the processor are about the only off the shelf parts to check.
  6. K

    M500 catalog issue

    Thanks for reading through my typo. If the vault can't read the disc, you're SOL. Due to the difference in Readers, I've had the 500 import movies that the 700 fails on, but they immediately go back into the 700 for verification. Most of this is from used and abused discs I've picked up...
  7. K

    M500 catalog issue

    This is precisely why i flip flopped my 500 and 700 on my costar. The pop up and ability to see disc in paired player only works with the player connected to the costar. The 700 is standalone since it's just for importing movies and had a pretty decent screen for letting me know what's going...
  8. K

    Movies on Sale...

    Special bundle pricing on Illumination films. $5.45 each! https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/collection/illumination_superbundle_2021
  9. K

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    If available, it shows under the options after you select a movie.
  10. K

    Strato & Electrical Noise

    Same noise here, and i never would have figured it out without this post. Any brand of short optical hdmi's?
  11. K

    US BR & 4K Releases for January & February 2022

    Ghostbusters digital release was today. Still showing tbd on the store.
  12. K

    Selection for "Not in a Collection"

    Just a note ( and maybe poke C4 for their over site), the Sr250 and original sr260 remotes had standard alpha characters with the number buttons. The Sr260s shipping for about a year or more have omitted this alpha text. Their reasoning was very few drivers used the alpha function. With that...
  13. K

    Jurassic Park Bundle - 2+ ($7.99)

    I think he means when JW: Dominion get released.
  14. K

    Jurassic Park Bundle - 2+ ($7.99)

    D2D from Blu-ray (assuming they were bundled with your 4k set) is $4.92 per movie. So not a better deal.
  15. K

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Purchased and watching it now. I'm having lipsync issues with the documentary. Haven't tried concert yet. Curious if you or anyone could spot check to make sure it's not my system Kevin D.