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Recent content by Ken P

  1. K

    Goldfinger: Difficult Reading Movie

    My thanks to Ahmad78 and apologies to 007 and Kaleidescape. Appears I’m having switch or Cat 6 cable issues. What better way to spend time during the Stay Home Order than troubleshooting a network system?
  2. K

    Goldfinger: Difficult Reading Movie

    Thanks for your response. Just a clarification, I’m having issues with the HDR download. Have left a voicemail for K Tech Support, and unfortunately, the third download attempt did not resolve the issue.
  3. K

    Goldfinger: Difficult Reading Movie

    Great to have the Bond movies in the store! But have downloaded this movie twice, and each version stutters and / or stops playing with the accompanying screen pop-up “Difficulty reading movie”. it appears this issue occurs at approx the same locations in the film following restart from the...
  4. K

    Universal is going Day and Date!

    After multiple delays, does anyone know when the two Kaleidescape Store currently downloadable and downloaded versions of Disney’s Onward will be viewable?
  5. K

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2020

    Interesting that the K Downloads page ‘Recently Completed’ block Info flashing balloon still shows the March 21st 2020 release date adjacent to the Onward download statius. This is not the smoothest media rollout. I guess this could be a Disney, Kaleidescape, or Coronavirus issue. Just sayn’
  6. K

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2020

    Downloaded the HD version of Onward last night, and still waiting for it to be ’visible‘ on my system. Normally K downloads are watchable at 3:00 AM (EDST) on the release date.
  7. K

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2020

    At the current download rate of 2.5 - 5 mbps, Rise of Skywalker in HDR may complete downloading just in time to meet the original March 17th (at 1200 AM PDST) release date and time!
  8. K

    US BR and 4K Releases for January & February 2020

    The point of this discussion has some how evolved from the accurate description of product, to a treatise on the relative merit of foreign film.
  9. K

    US BR and 4K Releases for January & February 2020

    Concur! If I had known this was a sub-titled film, I wouldn’t have purchased it in the early hours this morning.
  10. K

    Star Trek Series

    On behalf of my fellow Trekkies: Sure would be great if the K Store could get Desilu / Paramount Home Video / CBS Home Entertainment onboard with the Star Trek TOS (20 Blu-Ray disks), Star Trek: The Next Generation (41 Blu-rays), and Star Trek Enterprise (24 Blu-rays). This could free up much...
  11. K

    NEWS: New K Strato-S

    Yet another missed opportunity for K to meet loyal customer base expectations. Please add 3D capabilities to this forum”s list of once promised or previously discussed currently missing features.
  12. K

    Oppo Digital to gradually stop manufacturing new products.

    In the same boat as SJHT. Too bad Kaleidescape’s offer doesn’t apply to hard drive purchases to extend the life and capacity of our Premier systems.
  13. K

    M Player Region Free Mod

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone experienced performing a hardware or software region free DVD and Blu-ray modification on any of the out-of-warranty M model players by one of the companies advertising this service on the internet?
  14. K

    Kaleidescape today announced the launch of a new product line called Encore

    Thanks Jim for your response. Guess I needed to walk in an Alto owner's shoes to see the advantage of upgrading to the Encore line. But as a Premium owner, still don't see the advantage until such time as Kaleidescape puts the horse back in the front of the cart and has 4K content available.
  15. K

    Kaleidescape today announced the launch of a new product line called Encore

    Other than bragging rights, is there a reason to be an early adopter for a K Encore system? I still see no K Store 4K downloadable content, and, what would a post be from me if I didn't once again take the opportunity to mention the continued total absence of Kaleidescape 3D support? And I'm...