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Recent content by josh

  1. josh

    OFF-TOPIC Site slowness & plan

    I've noticed the site slowing down considerably over the past few weeks. Many of you probably have seen the same In combination with our hosting provider, we found that we're getting constant DOS (Denial of Service) attacks from various geos... mostly Ukraine, Russia, China, and this week a lot...
  2. josh

    NEWS: New Smaller Terra 12TB Server

    Welcome to the forum! I agree, for stream-sensitive things like your kaleidescape system, you should definitely go wired. But with a SDN centrally managed network (e.g. Unifi), it's quite easy to analyze your wireless environment and adapt your network to the right channels and spread spectrum...
  3. josh

    Home Router Recomendations

    I still love my Unifi equipment. I chose to go with "separates" rather than the dream machines, giving me more flexibility when upgraded components are released. (Kinda like choosing separate audio controller + amp rather than a unified "integrated amp" or receiver.) I have the UXG-Pro...
  4. josh

    15 years!

    So many here, especially me, agree! Thanks Mike! You've been a member here since 12/31/2009 (!!) so you're definitely in the O.G. club here! And, with nearly 300 posts... you're far more than just a lurker. Thank you! and THANKS for becoming a PATRON supporter of the site. That means a lot...
  5. josh

    NEWS: Kaleidescape and Lutron

    How are you getting your Kaliedescape to trigger your RR2 lighting system? I had it basically working with OpenHAB but running an openhab server proved to me more trouble than it was worth.
  6. josh

    NEWS: Kaleidescape and Lutron

    This is an annoying announcement. As a longtime Lutron-certified installer (Level 2), the VAST majority (98%?) residential installs use the Radio Ra 2 system, not Homeworks. Radio Ra 2 gives the user control of up to 200 lights and shades, more than enough for all but the most massive homes...
  7. josh

    Movies on Sale...

    @ironcross and other movie release/pricing gurus: Have we yet been able to determine the typical pricing flow of movies as they come out as "Early Release" (often super expensive at like $40) and then the period of time where they drop $X,, then drop another $Y in another some weeks, etc. until...
  8. josh

    new movie - odd pricing!

    Can anyone guess as to the pricing strategy here? The purchase price is lower than the rental. huh? (it's a brand new movie, so the price isn't reflecting any disc-to-digital discount)
  9. josh

    My New Tech/AV/HT Endeavor - Techthusiasm

    Congrats Jaremy! (Realizing I never knew your actual name before!) I subscribed and I like it very much. Well- organized and clear. I’ll be watching for future episodes! Your latest episode hasn’t yet convinced me to go PC for gaming, as I just can’t handle yet another system in my home that...
  10. josh

    Kaleidescape Consumer Webinar with Special Guests - June 29, 2021

    Sorry I missed it! Can we get a link to the replay? Tried to register, but registration is now closed.
  11. josh

    Thank You, Jim & Josh

    thanks @soGM! We love doing it and are happy to have this community. Thanks for joining as a premium member as well! We couldn't do it without generosity from members like you! Thanks @Substance! Glad to have you, and appreciate your generous support of the forum as well!
  12. josh

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    Ha, yes... the graphic badges like the one shown at the top of this thread were done by a 3rd party extension to the Xenforo system... and eventually proved problematic when the developer didn't maintain it as the core software was updated over time. So I had to drop those and just make the...
  13. josh

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    The dealer logo banner itself got retired... see, even Jim's profile doesn't have it. We replaced it with just the blue text banner. So your account is all set now and all your posts will have that text banner.
  14. josh

    15 years!

    That's awesome to hear! Congrats on your system, which I'm guessing is all the more enjoyable because you researched, bought, installed, and configured it yourself. Glad that the forum members were a helpful resource!
  15. josh

    15 years!

    Thanks for the kind words, and Jim your post was so funny and so touching (and 100% true), that I had to have my wife read it. She's still chuckling about it. I've enjoyed doing this, and yeah, i'm not great at walking away from things. you should see my garage.