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Recent content by josh

  1. josh

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    Ha, yes... the graphic badges like the one shown at the top of this thread were done by a 3rd party extension to the Xenforo system... and eventually proved problematic when the developer didn't maintain it as the core software was updated over time. So I had to drop those and just make the...
  2. josh

    NOTE to all Kaleidescape dealers/distributors

    The dealer logo banner itself got retired... see, even Jim's profile doesn't have it. We replaced it with just the blue text banner. So your account is all set now and all your posts will have that text banner.
  3. josh

    15 years!

    That's awesome to hear! Congrats on your system, which I'm guessing is all the more enjoyable because you researched, bought, installed, and configured it yourself. Glad that the forum members were a helpful resource!
  4. josh

    15 years!

    Thanks for the kind words, and Jim your post was so funny and so touching (and 100% true), that I had to have my wife read it. She's still chuckling about it. I've enjoyed doing this, and yeah, i'm not great at walking away from things. you should see my garage.
  5. josh

    15 years!

    Hard to believe it, but as of May 29, the forum will have been running (essentially) nonstop for 15 years. While by any measure of "online community", we're still a tiny little group, but we've continued to grow members and usage every year. It all started with this post over on AVS Forum in...
  6. josh

    Trust me, get this Norwegian Movie

    Thanks. Ordering headhunters now. Tip for you - rather than take the time to make screenshots of the covers and upload those to your posts, you can always just find the movie on the Kaleidescape Store and copy that URL into your post. then the board software will pull the summary, cover art...
  7. josh

    Suggest me a system

    Just want to say I'm impressed @Substance. You went from a complete Kaleidescape newbie to a very advanced user with a well-designed path to upgrading your equipment to get what you want in the right order. Glad this community of users, dealers, and Kaleidescape technical personnel have been...
  8. josh

    Television Series Interface Display Enhancement Request- Consolidate them to the series name.

    As you can tell from the first post in this thread, and others, many of us have asked for this for well over a DECADE, and have completely given up on Kaleidescape ever doing this. It's really kind of an embarrassment that we have this great video system that handles TV series so badly...
  9. josh

    Selling Components

    One other note... if you want to list them for sale on this forum, you'll need at least a $10 paid premium account. Go here for details and to purchase: https://www.kscapeowners.com/XF/account/upgrades
  10. josh

    I am fairly new to Kaleidescape and I am thinking of selling my Cinema 1

    Jim and other dealers here can chime in more authoritatively, but I know that all media must be deleted before selling equipment and the new owner trying to register it. So the value is the value of the hardware only. You should be able to get a sense of what similar hardware has sold for...
  11. josh

    New Interview with Kaleidescape CEO Tayloe Stansbury

    would love to hear more about the Storm in a fresh thread on the subject. Seems impressive.
  12. josh

    Movies on Sale...

    Titanic went on sale today for what they call "Special Valentines Day Price": $9.99 for purchase, $4.99 for DVD-to-HD upgrade, and $7.99 for rental. I grabbed the $4.99 upgrade price. Seems a good price if you need it in HD. That said, was disappointed it wasn't available in 4K HDR...
  13. josh

    Crazy $20 Rental price?

    This movie seems to be offered only as a rental and at the crazy price of $20. I'm hoping that's a mistake that they'll fix? https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/barb-and-star-go-to-vista-del-mar-2021
  14. josh

    Occasional missing Rotten Tomatoes scores?

    Curious why some movies say there's no rotten tomatoes score for a title, even when there definitely is. e.g. David Byrne's American Utopia says Not Rated by Rotten Tomatoes, when in fact it has a full 127 critics rating and an impressive RT score of 98%. David Byrne's American Utopia (2020)...
  15. josh

    Make paired Encore/Premier systems = 1 system

    @MikeKobb didn't know that! Steve Shannon and Jim Funk were friends and colleagues of mine. Small A/V world!