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Recent content by Hnupe

  1. Hnupe

    Need Suggestion of movies that is better on Kaleidescape than 4k disc

    Hello, Newbie, trying to decide what movies that I have on 4k disc I should buy in the store? Really looking for great sounding movies that is better than the disc version or even visual. Thoughts? I am in process of re-buying all the Marvel movies.
  2. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    Kaleidescape is looking into as well. I actually can get to the "menu" portion of the movies(i.e. scenes, play movie) however when I select play movie or a particular scene I get that "overlay error message". I lurk around this forum( very helpful), thought I would give this a shot as well...
  3. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    I have a Sony 295ES and a Anthem MRX 1140
  4. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    Sadly, that did not work. For example, Black Widow..it only shows one verion - 4k HDR Thanks for trying....about to pull my hair out.
  5. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    How do you know if you have both UHD and HD versions? What button on the Kscape remote allows you to chose which version?
  6. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    I just have a Strato S - 6TB. I have a pretty simple set-up, I have a router and a Netgear Powerline adapter that plugs into the back. The Second netgear powerline adapter is what I am using as my ethernet cable into my Strato. Please note, this set-up was fine until I added the Strato to...
  7. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    Thanks for the follow-up. Novice Talk: As I understand it, my consultant "assigned" a static IP address. Is there a way to verify both? FYI - I do have Control 4 "Home Edition" Weird question: Still bugs me that I can play "HD" movies, access the movie store, download movies. I just...
  8. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    I did not, and we actually ran an ethernet cable straight from the router to the kaleidescape....same issue.
  9. Hnupe

    Error Message - "Cannot Play Movie"

    Kaleidescape is working on the issue, however It thought I might give this a try here as well. Here is the following situation: 1) It was working fine about a few days ago. 2) My consultant connected my Kaleidescape to Control 4 so I can use my remote, etc. 3) Kaleidescape is connected through...
  10. Hnupe

    Matrix Resurrections????

    Is it safe to assume, Matrix Resurrections will not be on the store this week?
  11. Hnupe

    Wifi/ethernet questions for downloading

    I am using Netgear Powerline 1200
  12. Hnupe

    Any movies in the store at 60 FPS?

    Any movies? Gemini Man as I understand it is not at 60 FPS in the store? You must buy the 4k disc version.
  13. Hnupe

    Wifi/ethernet questions for downloading

    I do not, I am going to start getting quotes on various solutions. I am going to try a wifi extender first and go from there.
  14. Hnupe

    Wifi/ethernet questions for downloading

    Update, I ran a VERY long ethernet cable directly from my router to the Strato, it is showing 35 minutes. Now, I need to figure out how to replicate that download speed without running a massive ethernet cable down my stairs, etc.....and it's not safe(tripping, etc.)
  15. Hnupe

    Wifi/ethernet questions for downloading

    Hello, Just got my Strato S and I am beyond excited. My current issue is the download time for a movie(4 hours). My router is on my second level of my house and my Home Theater is in my Basement. I have not had any issues with streaming(Apple TV), Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, etc. The wifi...