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Recent content by dlittle

  1. D

    US BR & 4K Releases for July & August 2021

    For those of us with Premiere systems, does anyone know if Kaleidescape has bookmarked the Blu Ray version of Zack Snyder's Justice League?
  2. D

    Terra Server questions

    Thanks John - great information!
  3. D

    Terra Server questions

    A couple of Terra Server questions: 1) On the settings page for capacity and available storage, terabytes are only listed to one decimal (IE 100 GB). Is it possible to see the capacity listed in GB? 2). Does Kaleidescape have a “maximum fill” recommendation of Terra servers before performance...
  4. D

    Help - Opinion on Strato S - Would appreciate feedback

    Hello Hnupe. Welcome! I thought I might chip in an opinion here, but understand my bias - I am a Kaleidescape Fan Boy (LOL)! I’ve been a customer for so many years, I’m not even sure how long. Let’s just say it not only goes back to the Premiere days, but the 5U server days. I don’t think...
  5. D

    Millennium Club (Who's With Me!)

    I love the badge of honor idea, LOL! I'm at 3201 titles, but have been with Kaleidescape since the 5U server days!
  6. D

    K Store movie rentals

    I've just noticed a couple of titles from Twentieth Century, "The Aftermath" and "Tolkien" that are rental only - no purchase available - for $7.95. They are both from 2019, and not listed in the premium rental collection. Is this something new where we will see titles for rent only? If I do...
  7. D

    Movie Updates

    A suggestion to Kaleidescape regarding movie updates and saved scenes: First, I’d like to make it clear that I love the movie update feature that Kaleidescape is now offering. It is so nice now to get an automatic notice for improved versions available! The only consternation I have is that...
  8. D

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Jim, you’re awesome! Please enter me too.
  9. D

    Movies on Sale...

    I’ve noticed that sometimes movies on sale, listed on this thread, show up in the collections “Special Pricing” in the store, and sometimes not. How are you able to discover these?
  10. D


    DISCONTINUED MOVIES FOUND - YEAH!!!! I discovered how to find the movies you’ve purchased that have been discontinued in the store. This is thanks to Andy’s post above - he mentioned the “My Movies” under the Manage tab in the store, which I had forgotten about. I had searched under “Movies...
  11. D


    oops, I just noticed the topic below!
  12. D


    Hi Mike Kobb, I’m hoping you read my post and can clear up some confusion I have (btw, thanks for participating on the forum!!) . As far as I know, this topic hasn’t been discussed on the forum yet. A few days ago, I discovered something disturbing - a title I purchased was no longer in the...
  13. D

    Movies on Sale...

    For a while, under collections on the store web browser, there was a section for special pricing. It looks like that link disappeared. Was it moved elsewhere?
  14. D

    Studios that do/don't offer upgrade pricing

    By any chance, has anyone kept a list of studios in the Kscape store that do not offer upgrade pricing? I know for instance the Disney studios don’t (Disney, Disney Animation, Pixar).