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Recent content by cal87

  1. C

    New Year 2019 Top 3 Requests

    1. Full immersive audio for those titles that have it on disc. Not buying any more hardware or software until this is resolved. 2. MA 3. More content and better pricing
  2. C

    QUESTION for Premiere Owners

    Am I the only one who thinks the Co-Star pricing does not make sense? The Co-Star switch seems to be a Kramer auto-sensing switch. Doing a search on the non-Kaleidescape branded similar Kramer switch shows a price close to the $495 Kaleidescape price. So if you buy the switch solution, seems...
  3. C

    QUESTION for Premiere Owners

    OK, so I will try asking again. What is the cost of this Co-Star license?
  4. C

    Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary 4K Digital

    I would just watch the discs anyways. No DTS-X on Kaleidescape. Until they rectify this situation, I cannot see buying from the K store.
  5. C

    Question for Some Owners

    So what is the fee for the switching feature?
  6. C

    How do I tell if the HD version has atmos?

    Yes, that is the method I used for a while. I have since resorted to keeping a list of titles that should have immersive audio (based on known info about the disc version). I periodically check the K store on these particular titles to see if there is an update. I hope no one thinks that...
  7. C

    UHD: Is NBC Universal next?

    Are we going to have to re-download for Atmos / DTS-X? Besides Lucy, the ones that I looked at do not seem to have the immersive soundtrack (Bourne titles in particular).
  8. C

    New Kaleidescape Solution to Meld Physical Discs with Strato 4K Movie Player

    I can understand why two separate servers are required. What I don't understand is why there must be separate players. If a Smart TV, disc player, Roku device, etc. can play content from Vudu, Netflix, Amazon, etc., why cant a single Kaleidescape player play content from both servers? As for...
  9. C

    Temporary Kaleidescape Location

    I had my 3U vertical for a while. I believe you were supposed to put the left side down. Don't quote me on that though.
  10. C

    Download Speed

    It seems to be limited to 100Mbps, even if they do not say so. I can get 100Mbps each with both Premiere and Strato downloading at the same time, but never more than 100Mbps on the Strato by itself. I went back and forth with support for awhile.
  11. C

    Founder UV- Isssue

    Check to make sure the VUDU account is linked to UV. I recently noticed that my account had become unlinked, and had to re-link it. Otherwise, sometimes it just takes a while to show up.
  12. C

    DV700 issue

    Probably need to change the drive. My drive in my M700 vault died a*while*back. *One day*the*vault just reported that it had to eject every single disc before I had any idea anything was going on. Was not too hard to replace the optical drive.
  13. C

    HDR titles starting to appear

    Mike, To clarify, I have not turned on any of the components in my system since the firmware update. Just downloading content for now. The Strato is connected to a Lumagen Pro, which I have note configured for HDR yet. Once everything is turned on and configured, the Strato should detect that...
  14. C

    HDR titles starting to appear

    It is a little tricky though. After you select a title, when you get to "Download to:" you have to hit change, then select the 4K HDR version, otherwise you will just get the 4K UHD version.
  15. C

    NEWS: 7.3 Released to dealer demo systems

    1 TB cap with Comcast kicks in November 1st, so I hope there is some content to load up on the next few days.