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Recent content by AlienWarlock

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    Avatar - huh?

    Because James Cameron?? We haven't had anyone ask lately why The Abyss never made into the K store, let alone Blu-ray. Lots on his to-do list apparently... https://www.filmstories.co.uk/features/true-lies-the-abyss-and-the-blu-ray-4k-problem/
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    Suggest me a system

    That is an interesting edge case on vault usage :) I am pretty sure that pairing altos or stratos together makes them in effect a 'mini-system'. And as such the number of vaults that can be supported does not go up. So think of 1 alto working alone as a 'system' that can support 2 vaults...
  3. A

    WANTED: Recent stolen Strato S12, 2 6tb drives, Costar

    Not stolen exactly, but I see these pop up on ebay every so often. The listings and photos were probably for a legitimate sale at one point, but they get recycled by a seller who puts up hundreds of auctions at once with unrelated expensive items that have a very low starting bid (ie Cartier...
  4. A

    Quick confirmation... will this work

    With an Alto and DV-700 pairing, you would have to keep the DVDs in the vault as they play directly from the vault the same as the BRs do. If you pair with a Cinema One 2nd gen or Premiere server + M class player, the DVDs could be removed if the paired system is 'grandfathered' for DVD imports.
  5. A

    Kaleidescape - Please Get on This Bandwagon

    It's probably not going to happen for Disney titles since they have Disney+. Just give us Tenet or No Time to Die and we will all be happy. For years there have been dreams of day and date on K... Only to have it come to the streaming services first 😭
  6. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Hi John, Thanks for checking on that. I was using the document Kaleidescape-System-Control-Protocol-Reference-Manual.pdf, dated October 2018 as a reference. This is the most current available on the support page. On page 52, it only mentions 'Strato' and not 'Strato S' or that 'Player' can also...
  7. A

    Co-starred players: controlling & getting status updates via TCP/IP

    There is an easy to way to find out... 1. Download 'putty.exe' from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html and run. 2. Input the IP of your Strato, use port 10000 and select 'Connection type: Telnet', then click 'Open'. 3. Play a movie and observe the output. 4. Repeat...
  8. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Hmm then it is possible that discovery is not woking on the Strato because it does not conform exactly to the PDF control protocol spec for the GET_NUM_ZONES or GET_DEVICE_TYPE_NAME responses or some other bug. I don't have a Strato to test with.
  9. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Hmm, it is possible your Synology/openHAB instance is on a different subnet than your K gear? It only scans the subnet that openhab is running on.
  10. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    One thing I would add on the inbox... You have to click "Search for Things" at the bottom of the inbox screen. Then choose the Kaleidescape binding. The difference here is that the K binding does not do an automatic scan like other bindings because it has to look at every IP address on the...
  11. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    I was going to suggest this: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/synology.html but it looks like you are getting there already. Just drop the jar file into the empty addons folder. Then go into paper UI, click the Inbox, then choose "Search for Things" at the bottom. Pick the Kaleidescape...
  12. A

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    I do have a K binding in development so most of what is in the rules above is obsolete, you can find the jar for it here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/7568 If you are using a Linux environment, the rules will go under /etc/openhab2/rules or on windows it would be wherever you...
  13. A

    Simplest way of triggering lights to brighten from Kaleidescape?

    Maybe not quite as simple as you were wanting... But I use openHAB on a Raspberry Pi to accomplish this very this task. With the server monitoring the status updates from K over tcp/ip and my lights also controlled by openHAB with zwave, the meat of the rules end up looking like this: rule "K...
  14. A

    Newbie question M700

    The K store is the only source for downloads. With premiere system (say a M700 and 1u server at minimum) you can import all your discs* to the server and playback on multiple players at once. You can also download store content onto a premiere system. On an Alto or Strato (Encore) the only...