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Recent content by 9riffTX

  1. 9

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    https://www.dmuniverse.com/en/dvd-blu-ray-video/depeche-mode-101-blu-ray-490.html "This new HD edition has been carefully updated with 4k scans of the original film reels."
  2. 9

    ICYMI Check your BestBuy Offers

    Just throwing this out there. If you have a Best Buy reward membership and a November-January birthday, check to see if your "Birthday Offer" is active. I believe the window is a few weeks before and after your birthday. For some K products - notably servers over $10K - the discount has been...
  3. 9

    SOLD: M700 Vault

    As a stand-alone, does this behave like a Blu-ray jukebox with the ability to catalog titles? Thanks.
  4. 9

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2021

    I read this in Hannah Waddingham's voice.
  5. 9

    Cinema-1 or Alto, Grandfather status

    For clarification, an imported title is not the same file as the same title purchased from the store at the same resolution, correct?
  6. 9

    My New Tech/AV/HT Endeavor - Techthusiasm

    Just in time for lunch content! I tried to keep an iPad mini as a remote option for Harmony, Home and Music Streaming. It is a challenge to keep it functional with limited storage. If I can figure out enough tasks to give it, Control4 might start to make more sense. Neo looks like a nice remote.
  7. 9

    Apple TV 4K 2017 vs 2021

    I have four previous generations of AppleTV that are sitting in a drawer now that all our tvs have built-in apps. I did grab the most recent version as a 4K source for a projector. The AppleTV is hardwired for internet. The remote is an interesting upgrade with voice commands, and more...
  8. 9

    NEWS: Kaleidescape Conductor is being retired

    Roon as a product is a great way to stream some, but not all, content from online providers. The Nucleus is in some ways like a Terra/Strato offering in that it can power more simultaneous streams than some may ever need, there is an "it just works" appeal to it. As someone who runs Roon on an...
  9. 9

    NEWS: New Terra 72TB Coming Soon

    I couldn't resist.
  10. 9

    Suggest me a system

    Thank you for the clarification on the M500. It seems In this case, someone who was using an m500 as a stand-alone blu-ray player would not automatically have the benefit of a catalogued title without a specific action to import/catalog.
  11. 9

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2021

    Message alert while typing: "new messages have been posted ... do you want to read them?" Me: "Nah... Oh." :)
  12. 9

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2021

    Also joining the leaderboard over morning coffee ... "American Gangster" 4K HDR at 178.5 GB "The Last Jedi" Blu-ray Quality Download at 172.9GB.