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Recent content by 20hertz

  1. 2

    SOLD: Reduced price: Strato 6TB for sale (2x)

    This sale is now on hold as I am thinking of keeping them and using as additional zones.
  2. 2

    Lord of the Rings

    I had the same question. Are extended versions in Atmos or not? Also, do we get regular versions when we buy extended versions, given that’s how physical discs are sold?
  3. 2

    New Disk set problem

    As far as I know, there is no storage on the server itself and everything including OS & settings are stored on the disks. The disk set you bought are probably from a server that had static IP setup. You will have to reset the static ip to DHCP on server with the new disks installed. This would...
  4. 2

    Movies on Sale...

    A bundle pricing on bond films would have been really awesome. Anyway, added quite a few titles to my library.
  5. 2

    FOR SALE: 1U Power Supplies

    Thanks Jim. I am surprised as well because the repairs of old units are close to the asking price, In fact I paid more when I bought these. I will wait for a couple more days and maybe list it on eBay if it doesn’t sell here.
  6. 2

    FOR SALE: 1U Power Supplies

    updated price.
  7. 2

    Tenet - Why is it not available?

    Awesome! Why is it $37? Is Warner folllwong in the footsteps of Paramount for significantly higher pricing on K compared to discs?
  8. 2

    Tenet - Why is it not available?

    Thanks. I am looking forward to this movie when it is released in K.
  9. 2

    Tenet - Why is it not available?

    Tenet is available for preorder with digital retailers. Why is it not yet available for preorder in K? Any ideas?
  10. 2

    FOR SALE: 1U Power Supplies

    I bought 2 power supplies in the past as backup. It was Pretty expensive as they were no longer in production at that time and someone ordered it in bulk and was looking to share the cost. I thought they were worth it at that time as I had 2 servers. I have used one power supply that I...
  11. 2

    Game Of Thrones 4K

    I don’t think HBO is onboard with K. Though I would love it if they can get them.
  12. 2

    Movie Updates

    Anyone know if we are going to get Lawrence of Arabia in HDR like disk?
  13. 2

    Voice recognition through a Bluetooth device

    If they have an api, I can code it today. Unfortunately, they don’t support search or playing a specific movie through api..
  14. 2

    Adding Drives to 3U

    Do Not Remove or replace anything. Since the rebuild is complete, the old drive is no longer valid. So you cannot just pop that drive back in. If you don’t see any error message and the 3U is blue, then there is no problem. what was your capacity before installing any of the new drives and...