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Old Jan 11th, 2019
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Default More Informative Playback Status

Using the K, with a movie playing, I've noticed 2 things:

* When you FF/rewind, there's an indicator in the upper right hand corner showing you the current timestamp.
* If you hit info, you can see current time left in chapter, but it shows units in minutes until time is less than a minute and it goes to seconds.

This is really limited and makes it really hard to know where you are in a piece of content. I propose a few different things:

* In that upper right hand corner window, you should display current time and end time in full hours/minute/seconds units (ex. 1:24:23/2:23:43) as well as chapter number (ex. 5/10).
* The information presented on the first part of the info screen should be similarly more useful.

Apple TV also has a real cool UI thing you should take. On the Apple TV during playback, if you tap the touch pad, on the bottom comes up a progress bar showing current and end timestamps. If you tap the touch pad again, the bar stays up but the timing changes to actual time (ex. 9:33:23 PM/11:34:23 PM). This lets you both see what time it is and project when the current piece of content will end. I use this a lot. Similar functionality could be brought into the info pane and/or the FF/rewind corner overlay as well.

One specific use case I have for wanting to always know the X/Y time is when FFing through credits on Marvel or other new movies. You know there's an end credits scene coming, so knowing how close you're getting to the end of the film allows you restart regular speed playback in advance of blowing through the short ending sequences.

It's a PITA if you run off the end, have to wait for HDMI resync, then restart playback, resync again, and have to skip and FF back to that point. The alternative is sitting idly through all the slow and long credits.
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