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Old Apr 9th, 2017
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Default KVAULT-10 Opening Instructions

Directions for opening the first vault K sold, the KVAULT-10 (also known as the Modular Disc Vaut (MDV)). This is the Black colored vault that only held 100 discs

Disconnect the power cord and USB cable.
With a retaining mold inside the top cover, the Modular Disc Vault (MDV) can be turned over while discs remain inside. With the MDV upside down, remove the two machine screws from the left and right sides of the case using a long #1 Philips screwdriver. NOTE: These screws are different than the 2 that will be removed from the top of the case, so keep track of them accordingly.

Turn the MDV right side up and remove the two self-tapping screws from the back of the unit.

Grip the top center of the glossy black trim plate surrounding the disk slot and pull straight forward to remove. This will likely take a bit of force so do not be afraid to give it a good tug.
Before proceeding, be aware that two ribbon cables are connected between the top and bottom of the case. The MDV is held together by two plastic clips inside the front of the case, one in each corner. Lift the back edge of the top of the case a couple inches. Next, give a couple gentle, but firm hits to the front corners of the case towards the center of the MDV. This should separate the two portions of the case.

With the case separated disconnect the ribbon cables making note of where each connects.
If no obvious obstructions are found, the optical drive will need to be removed to eject a disc that may be stuck inside. Do this by removing the 2 screws on either side of the base of the optical drive. Do NOT disconnect the wires attached to it.

After plugging power back into the vault, carefully hold the optical drive in your hand and press its eject button. This should remove a disc that is stuck inside the drive.
While the vault is open, clean the vertical rollers that pull discs in and out of the optical drive and the front slot. They collect dirt and grime over time causing them to possibly lose some of their tackiness. Using a non-abrasive cloth, like a PEC-PAD, and a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol, rub each roller turning it as you go to clean it thoroughly.
When reassembling the MDV, start by reconnecting the two ribbon cables, then place the top of the case on the bottom making sure the front clips are aligned and engaged. With the top portion in place, lift the back edge a few inches and shine a flashlight inside towards the front slot. Check that the top of the disc rollers line up with the key holes in the top of the case. If the rollers are not properly aligned, the slot sensor will not function properly.
Replace the 4 screws and reconnect the vault.

Once the vault is back together, the software will likely detect a discrepancy causing it to perform a re-inventory. This process may take an hour or two to complete, and normal behavior includes the discs being partially ejected out the front slot.

The above was received from K Support many years ago. I thought I previously posted this in the Forum, but could not locate it.


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