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Old Feb 24th, 2013
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Default Region Changes on Players/Readers

Here's an interesting question...

If someone buys a used player or reader, is there any provision for Kaleidescape to reset the number of region-changes that device has had?

If you're not aware, you can change your DVD region settings on a player or reader exactly 4 times, after that, the player locks onto the last region you've set and can never be changed again.

I can see the argument that a 2nd owner should be allowed to have the 4 swaps again, but am not sure if Kaleidescape or the DVD CCA (or whoever controls this type of setting via license) sees it that way.

If the setting can NEVER be changed again by Kaleidescape, then it's probably an important question that buyers should be asking when they consider the purchase of a used player/reader... "how many region swaps are still available on the device?"
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Old Feb 24th, 2013
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If a second owner received 4 more region swaps it may effectively become unlimited as owners could "sell" to family members or "trade" players with other owners.

A secondhand player with no region swaps left may be worth less and or at least provide a good negotiating point for any prospective purchaser.

When/If the download store is available in the unsupported territories it will be interesting to see if UV downloads are available on multiple systems that are owned by the same owner in multiple zones/regions.
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Old Feb 26th, 2013
Mark H Mark H is offline
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I think you will find it is written to the drive firmware which checks the number of changes and on the 4th change it is locked, same happens with the majority of pc DVD drives and the only way round this (that I have found) is to swap out the drive. This feature is 'managed' by the drive manufacturer and as K use OEM drives I would have thought it unlikely that they could / would enable more than 4 changes.
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Old Mar 6th, 2013
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It has been rumored that such drives can be removed from the player and connected to a computer and the firmware reset such that it is no longer locked to that one region.
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