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Old Jun 11th, 2019
TrackZ TrackZ is online now
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I agree. They shouldn't even bother trying to bring streaming apps to the K. They should focus on more tangible features and integrations around movies and their store.

If they tried to do apps, they would have difficult traction getting support from the service providers, so it will be a partial set at best, possibly not even well done or well supported. See how app support has gone on TiVo, for example. At this point, there's no reason to compete with Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku in the app space at all, IMO.

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Old Aug 16th, 2019
grit grit is offline
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Agreed. I'd just love to see some symmetry with MA. Even if that just meant getting a MA license along with every movie I bought in the K store. In a perfect world, I'd like something akin to Vudu's disk + digital option, where you get the disk AND the digital version. Either way, I hope K sticks to super high quality movies, but makes that system fluid with the current market.
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Old Aug 17th, 2019
nomad07 nomad07 is offline
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If K offered something like the Vudu D+D program I would buy soooo much more from the K store. And considering I have thousands of titles in my account thatís saying something.

Thatís said I donít see this being really possible for K single Vudu is owed by Walmart and when you order a D+D title on Vudu the instant watch digital is filled on Vudu system and Vudu puts and order in the Walmart system to fill the physical portion of the order. Even with Walmartís resources I still donít see how itís profitable for anything but a loss-leader but since it requires studio participation are sure the contracts in place are beneficial to both.
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