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Old Jul 14th, 2019
AlienWarlock AlienWarlock is offline
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Default 1U power supply repair solution

I have some helpful information to share on fixing the 1U server power supply. As you probably know, these power supplies are prone to failure and are unavailable from K and almost anywhere else on the internet. Knowing this, I picked up a used spare power supply on eBay to be prepared for the almost inevitable failure of my power supply. Then about 2 months ago the inevitable happened. I turned my server on after being gone and the front lights just flickered wildly. I immediately turned it off and replaced the power supply with my spare.

With the server working again, I decided to send the original power supply off to be fixed. I eventually went with power-medic.com in Orange, CA and was very pleased with the results. It took them a few weeks to get to my unit once I shipped it there, but the price was very reasonable. The gentleman there, Dave, even provided me with a detailed description of what went wrong:

"Regarding your power supply, the problem turned out to be the glue holding the Power Factor board in place. This glue trapped heat from the components and it became conductive, effectively creating an electrical path for current flow to the pins of the PFC control IC. We removed all the glue from the board and the unit began to operate normally again. I have seen this problem with this type of glue many times in the past.

I do not recommend doing a refurbishment on the unit at this time. The capacitors in the unit are all in very good shape and will give you many more years of reliable service."

Once installed in my 1U server, the repaired power supply is working great. So if you have power supply issues with any of your K equipment, I highly recommend power-medic.com if you decide to go the repair route.

Attached are some pictures that I took of my spare power supply and my repaired power supply. If your are handy with a soldering iron and want to try and fix this issue yourself, these pictures show where the glue was removed.
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Old Jul 14th, 2019
cinelife cinelife is offline
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Thanks for sharing!

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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Kevin D Kevin D is offline
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So i believe my 1u for sale had a power supply issue. My unit does not have the glue there, but has it all over other components. I'll send it off and let you know.

Kevin D.
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Old 5 Hours Ago
I-install I-install is offline
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Default Same Issue

I had a dead power supply and sent it off to Power Medic for repair. I just got it back yesterday and it is working great. Same issue in that mine did not look like the original posters picture but did have glue in other areas. Long story short, same issue that the glue becomes a conductive material as heat breaks it down and causes issues. I asked if it was worth the extra $$ to have them refurbish the power supply and they said no as the unit was in very good condition except for that glue problem. Best $85.00 spent I a long time.
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