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Old Jan 10th, 2019
Vodder Vodder is offline
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Default Calculating space required for library

Howdy. Is there a way to calculate the space needed to meet your library requirements? I only got on the K bandwagon at the beginning of September and in that time my library has jumped form 400 to just over 1000 I've been watching the downloads available counter tick downwards ever since and there's still a fare chunk in the queue. Whilst I debate a Terra 24 or 40 or additional Strato with local storage, is there a way to work out how much space my collection requires? (Who knew the K store was class-a addictive, do they run rehab classes? ;-) )
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Old Jan 11th, 2019
Transepoch Transepoch is offline
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I've usually found the specs quoted on the website aren't too far off, which admittedly is also to say I'm not sure where my notes are

So, working backwards from the datasheet I have up in front of me, you will need 1T for every...
  • 15 UHD copies
  • 27 HD copies or Blu-rays [I think my numbers were more like 35-45 with a mix of single-layer or equivalent]
  • 150 SD copies or DVDs [my recollection is being closer to 200, likely again due to single-layer discs]
... so the space needed for those 1k movies will depend on the mix of resolutions that you are trying to maintain locally.

The rehab classes sponsored by K are more for overcoming the anxiety of not having your entire collection stored, and avoiding the constant download-watch-delete-download cycle.
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Old Jan 24th, 2019
Vodder Vodder is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Edinburgh
Posts: 96

Awesome, thanks! That is most useful, see you in rehab :-)
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