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Old Jan 9th, 2019
dthemenice dthemenice is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2017
Location: Kemah, TX
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Angry Early release not available for Premiere owners

I have noticed several early release titles available in the store in 4k format but not being released in Blue Ray. If you want to keep me off of Vudu and other stores, Kaleidescape needs to make these available to Premiere Owners along with 4k owners. One of the advantages of Kaleidescape in the past had been early release. Taking this away from a significant portion of your base because they value physical media over digital rights in many of their purchases is anti customer.
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Old Jan 9th, 2019
cinelife cinelife is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Florida, Indiana, California, Honolulu
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It's not that Kaleidescape is holding back the HD version, some studios are not providing it with the HDR early release. Assuming their contract with the studios allowed it, I guess K could hold back new HDR early releases until all versions were available......but then HDR capable clients would be posting that K doesn't release on time......

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Old Jan 10th, 2019
MikeKobb MikeKobb is offline
Kaleidescape, Inc.
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Just to expand a bit on what Jim posted -- we release the HD versions absolutely as soon as we have them available. We do not artificially delay any version or play favorites with formats.

Movie studios have moved towards releasing electronic-sale versions of movies before physical media. This is why many of our downloads -- especially 4K -- are available weeks in advance of the physical disc.

But, in order to deliver the unique HD versions we offer, which include the full lossless audio tracks, special features, etc., we are using a unique process to source the content. The source materials are available to us on a schedule that is more closely aligned with the disc releases than with some of the electronic-sale releases, and this difference is reflected in the release dates for the HD versions of those movies on our store.

As Jim said, we could artificially delay the 4K releases so that 4K and HD would release at the same time. Or, we could release HD versions as early as 4K, but with inferior audio options and less extensive (or no) extras. We have decided that the best course is to release each version as soon as it is available, at the best quality possible.
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Old Jan 11th, 2019
dthemenice dthemenice is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2017
Location: Kemah, TX
Posts: 10
Smile Thanks

Thanks , for the great info, and with that in mind I appreciate Kaleidescapes thought process.
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Old Jan 14th, 2019
boskonay boskonay is offline
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It's a kicker as while I have several 4k displays, I've no HDR displays, meaning I can't download UHD HDR content ;(
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