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Old Nov 13th, 2016
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Thanks all. Got the 8802A installed, configured, and room-corrected. Sounds great, especially on demo Atmos content, though not "night-and-day" upgrade from older 8801, which is to be expected. Pleased with the choice.
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Old Feb 27th, 2017
rmurphy rmurphy is offline
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Default AV8802A improvements

I had the AV8801 in my system for a while, but found the speakers were clearly visible, both my Krell HTS 7.1 and S1200U-3D pre-amps created a "bubble" of sound where you couldn't tell where the sound was coming from, just blends seamlessly.

I have listened to a few ATMOS systems and was not impressed, I could hear the rock hit the water, but the ripples were missing. The new Krell Foundation pre-amp had some of the same issues, but had much better integration in 5.1, when I viewed the 8mm movie, the train door landed directly in the middle of my living room, like I was actually there.

How does the new AV8802A compare to your old AV8801 in the sound department for 5.1 and ATMOS?
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Old Mar 10th, 2017
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Saratoga, CA
Posts: 1,145

I don't have a full ATMOS setup... I'm running 7.2 still, so can't really give a full report. The 88012 is probably a slight improvement on my 8801, but the difference is not dramatic. ATMOS content is very impressive in overall richness of sound and directionality, even without the full ATMOS high speakers. I'm pleased with the 8802, but until I put in a few more speakers, add in a Strato, I know I'm not really taking full advantage of what it can do.

As soon as the premier/Strato integration comes from K, I'll be ready to do the big upgrades.
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Old Mar 11th, 2017
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audioguy123 audioguy123 is offline
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Of all of the upgrades I have made, only a few caught my bride's attention and Atmos was one of them. Even on movies that are not Atmos encoded, the "up-sampling" by Dolby makes a huge difference. And it is very easy to A/B with and without the ceiling speakers. No contest in our home or any other place where I have heard it (two friends and two different CEDIAs).

My first Atmos SSP was the Marantz 7702 and it was excellent. I then did an upgrade (which my wife could not discern) to a newer more high end SSP and it was far better.

Long live Atmos !!!!!
Our Theater
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Old Mar 11th, 2017
1highvelocity 1highvelocity is offline
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Default Dolby Atmos ( Wife's Approval!)

OK guys I think I've found a way to get your wife's approval!
on the new Dolby Atmos gear you need to get.
I've been in the A/V world for about 25 years I've been married for about 19 of them.
I've only gotten my wife to agree with me twice about Audio/Video stuff.
Once was when DVD's came and HD TV came out.
That being said I wanted to get her opinion on Dolby Atmos.
Just recently the AMC Movie Theaters just started upgrading their large theaters to Dolby Atmos and 4K Dolby vision Projectors and I have to say the experience was pretty dam surprising!
I said for once the theater experience almost came close to one of my systems
Now normally when you take a lady to the movies and ask how did that look and sound??
Then they say it sounds the same to me and I didn't see a difference in the picture
Then you know what our response is?
Were like you've got to be kidding me! and they say NOPE!
Well I've got the answer for you!
The new AMC Dolby Theaters is where you need to take them.
I have to say their Dolby Atmos and 4K Dolby vision demo at the beginning of the movie is a pretty good demo!
I can say she actually said WOW! I can see and hear a difference!
Theaters are going to have to reinvent themselves to make people want to go back to the theater experience and this is one of the ways they're doing it.
So if your looking to do any upgrades or have any customers you want to give a demo to take them to the movies.
That's what I do for my clients that are doing dedicated Theaters.
I would take them to a regular theater for the regular experience. and when it was over I would say "I'll give you a money back guarantee that my theater will blow that away!"
Now granted I've only done that about 15 times but knock on wood.
I haven't had to give a refund yet
I have to say this is defiantly a step in the right direction for the movie industry to promote The Dolby Atmos and 4K Dolby vision experience.
Here's there page.
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Old May 4th, 2017
Shade Shade is offline
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Howdy John,

I thought I would take you up on your offer to answer specific 8802a questions.

I posted on the problem I am having with an Anthem AVM60 and sm trying to find out if this is something that will plague the 8802 as well.

Can the 8802a play a DTS 5.1 signal in 5.1 in a 7.1 or greater system. That is Play it 'direct' with no upmixing. The need is to be able to set the processor up so that i can stream music in multiple formats and listen to them the way they were intended without out having to grab the remote and dive around menus and sub menus at the beginning of each song.

Will the 8802 do this?


Originally Posted by jmdls View Post
Hey, Josh. I too have owned
multiple Marantz pre-pros (AV8003, AV7005, AV8801, AV8802A), but my upgrades were more due to needing/wanting new features/performance rather than any quality issues.

I currently have the 8802A and love it. The sound quality, particularly with 2-channel music, is fantastic. Incredibly open and airy and dynamic sounding with lots of detail. I'm running 7.2.4 and have used Audyssey ProEQ and think it does a great job.

I definitely feel like the 8802A sounded more music and dynamic than the 8801, but don't have any experience with the 7703. I don't think the Anthem piece is a true "reference" solution, and definitely not a new version of the Statement. Marantz also isn't positioning the 7703 as a flagship replacement to the 8802A, but rather a rework of the entry pre-amp point.

As far as quality goes, all the Marantz gear comes with a 3-year warranty, so you should definitely be able to get those issues resolved.

Feel free to ask me any other specific 8802A questions.
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Old Jan 29th, 2019
DenverRey DenverRey is offline
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Hey John

New member here and I have some specific questions about the 8802a. May I reach out to you privately?
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Old Jan 30th, 2019
jmdls jmdls is offline
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Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
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Sure. Fire away! (Though I have since upgraded my 8802A to the 8805, but I'm happy to help!)
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