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Old May 3rd, 2017
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Default AVM60 DTS Problems


I am curious, i am on the verge of returning my AVM60 due to an an unresolved issue that became apparent within an hour of unboxing the product.

More than a month of trying to deal with customer/technical support has been utterly fruitless.

The AVM60 is incapable of playing music encoded in DTS 5.1 or DTS HD MA 5.1 in 5.1 in a 7.1 or above setup. It will ALWAYS upmix it.

I do not want it upmixed. I want to stream audio without needing to delve in to several menus potentially every song to get it to play in the format it was intended to be heard in.

Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this?

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Old May 12th, 2017
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Join Date: May 2017
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Following up from my original post:
It seems if the DTS spec has changed and this is desired behaviour.

However, I struggle to believe DTS Inc. actually want to inconveniece consumers like this. Perhaps the spec is just not being interpreted correctly.

I was hoping people with 7.1 or 7.1.x setups could let me know what pre/pro or receiver they have and what happens when they play a DTS 5.1souce on their system and give the following information.

1. Manufacturer and model of equipment
2. Speaker layout. 7.1 or 7.2.4 etc
3. Behaviour of DTS 5.1 (or DTS-HD MA 5.1) playing in 'straight' or 'pure direct' mode or equivalent. Ie 5.1 plays in 7.1
4. Can you apply any Dolby processing to a DTS 5.1 signal?
5. Can you apply any manufacturer suplied DSP modes, ie' jazz', 'hall' etc

See my results below. Feedback would be appreciated.


So in my case the results are:
1. Manufacturer and model :
Anthem AVM60

2. Speaker layout:

3. Behaviour of DTS 5.1:
DTS 5.1 plays in 7.1

4. Can Dolby processing be applied to DTS 5.1? :
Yes. Can be processed into pseudo Dolby Atmos

5. Can manufacturer DSP modes be applied?
Anthem provide no extra DSP modes.
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