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Old Mar 14th, 2019
carajo carajo is offline
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Default Changing aspect ratios and masking systems

OK bringing what John from Kaleidescape said to this thread.

I asked:
Regarding aspect ratios that change during the movie, It is my understanding that Kaleidescape will NOT communicate this aspect change to the screen masking.

Originally Posted by J.Green View Post
This is correct. Aspect ratios and screen mask settings are set on a "play item" level and thus only one set of values can be defined per play item. So in the case where a movie download includes the movie, a trailer, and some extras, we can set different aspect ratio and masking trim values for the movie, the trailer, and the extras but we can't set two different aspect ratios or change the masking trim values for just the movie play item.

So my question to the users of masking systems, what are you doing during this change? We discussed a button on the crestron remote to manually change aspect ratios on the masking.
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Old Mar 14th, 2019
AlienWarlock AlienWarlock is offline
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I don't see why you would want this. The only time this is an issue is with Nolan films and his constant changing of the AR. Do you really want the masking to switch from scence to scene when watching Interstellar or The Dark Knight? To me that would be annoying. I agree with K's approach to this... Pick the 'best' AR for the movie and stick with it.
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Old Mar 18th, 2019
MikeKobb MikeKobb is offline
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Personally, I have manual masking control in my theater (alongside the automatic control) because I do sometimes watch something like a YouTube or Vimeo video that is letterboxed. The only movie I've watched on the Kaleidescape system where I made an aspect ratio change manually was one of the Hunger Games movies, which made a single switch from 2.40 to 1.78 at about the midpoint of the movie. Movies that go back and forth, I leave alone.
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Old Mar 18th, 2019
cinelife cinelife is offline
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Not to mention that switching masking back and forth isn't instant. I know that when my AR changes, either automatically or manually, it's a full 4 to 5 seconds between 1.78 and 2.40. That's with Stewart's BRIC controlling my Cinecurve screen. Add 1 second for the change recognition, and the image is changing a full 5 seconds before the screen adjusts. I would find that unacceptable.

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