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Old Dec 8th, 2010
brendon brendon is offline
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Default Script Issues


I'm having problems getting a script to run on my server.
I followed the direction here: http://www.kaleidescape.com/files/do...pting-Tips.pdf

Since that did not work I tried to downloaded a few of the *.dat files from the "Downloads" area to import. Still nothing. I don't have all the DVD?s listed in the .dat files but according to Josh's post, if you have at least one of the movies it should import. Well I get the following error when I try to import files via the web utility.

"This file does not seem to be a script that was exported from a Kaleidescape System."
Any help is appreciated.

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Old Dec 9th, 2010
josh's Avatar
josh josh is offline
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Hi Brendon...

The main problem seems to be that the *.DAT files that are posted here are all FAVORITE SCENE files, not Script files. They're different.

Favorite scenes are like bookmarks - they identify a startpoint (and optional endpoint) in a particular title. You import those via the web utility by going to the MOVIES tab, choosing "Favorite Scenes" from the pulldown list of collections, and then finding the "import file" thing at the bottom of the page. I highly recommend Kaleidescape owners try these out, and download the big collections we have here... it's an amazing (and free!) boost to the fun-factor of owning a Kaleidescape... the ability to get right to the best scenes, songs, action sequences, and memorable moments in thousands of movies.

SCRIPTS are different - they are a set of instructions that trigger events or cause things to happen (which can INCLUDE playing of a favorite scene, or a trailer, or a whole movie, but also things like controlling your lights, bringing up cover art, timing delays, switching soundtracks, etc.). Scripts can ALSO be exported, shared among users, and imported... but to my knowledge no one here has ever shared a script file for another user. Why? they're just less useful since they're highly personal in terms of taste, how you like to watch movies, and even your hardware setup. And they're pretty easy to make for yourself, to get things just the way you want. But overall, scripts just don't seem to be used very much, and are shared even less (if ever). A script that I make to play my favorite intro, trailer, trivia quiz, and setting up my masking and lighting is just statistically FAR less likely to ever be interesting or relevant to someone else. That user can make their own customized script in just a few minutes that does what THEY want... if they even care to automate a sequencing of a movie night or multi-step process.

Favorite Scene files lend themselves far better to sharing: they are a bit harder to make, (time-consuming, not difficult) and are instantly usable and valuable to thousands of other potential owners. Unlike scripts, everyone with that movie may find my Favorite Scene file for that movie useful and interesting, so they have more "sharing" value. (though even with that, I've long been surprised at the low utilization of FS sharing, even here on the forum.)

Try downloading and important favorite scene files here on the forum (those *.DAT files), and get used to how they work. THEN you can make your own scripts that play a bunch of scenes in sequence. I've done this so my daughter can, for instance, watch all her favorite songs from Season 1 of Glee, or from High School Musical, without interruption. (and without the naughty parts of Glee!)

So while Kaleidescape did take the time to make it technically possible to export and share scripts, it's pretty likely it has never happened among disparate owners... maybe only ever used between a dealer/integrator and his customers, or between a single customer's home and 2nd home or yacht? Just my guess...

Hope that helps explain...

KOforum Administrator

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Old Dec 9th, 2010
Croptop Croptop is offline
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On the script side of things, can you be more specific on what isn't working? Perhaps I can help.
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Old Dec 12th, 2010
brendon brendon is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
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Thanks for the info and explaination Josh.

@ Croptop, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the added offer.

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