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Default Best ways to preserve our Premier components?

With the Premier line being de-emphasized and eventually EOL'd, I'm wondering if I should change some long-held behaviors towards my components in order to keep them running as long as possible.

I've always kept my 3U server and my vault powered on all the time. Would it make more sense at this point to power them both down, using my encore equipment as much as possible, and then powering on the premier equipment only when I'm looking to play a "legacy" title from that system?

I suspect that will preserve my old components and keep them running for many years to come, unless someone tells me that power cycling is worse for it than keeping it running for weeks or months on end without being used?

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SJHT SJHT is offline
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I’m not a Premier expert, but that’s what I do with my Disc Server (which plays through our Altos). Most of the time we watch via the Strato (costar) but keep the Alto on and the Disc Server powered down via Home Automation. If a movie pops up with “insert disc”, we have a button on our remote to turn on the AC power for that component. When I purchased the disc server I spoke to the support people and they didn’t see any issue. When the occasional firmware update comes out, I also just power up. There’s not an actual power button on a disc server, but using HA worked better for integration as it also turns it back off (e.g. tied to other lighting, alarm setting, etc.).
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What is the most "modern" component that can hold the grandfathered dvd ripping status?
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Powering On/Off regularly is not recommended because of the added power cycles to the components, and added stress to the drives. That said, I do have several friends that have been shutting their systems down regularly without any problems up to this point.

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