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Old Jan 25th, 2012
profpatel profpatel is offline
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Default Importing Home Movies

I have just ordered my first K System for our house that is being constructed. I am new to K Systems and am extremely excited to get my hands on my system. I will have 3U Server and 2 M700 Vaults.

My question is that I have a ton of home video's on my computer, the majority as .MTS files and others as .mov - I was wondering if there was any way that I could import them into the Server. I figured the files would have to be ona DVD or BR and likely not burned as data discs.

I could not find any info w/ searches. It may not be possible, but I would LOVE to have my home movies also on the system.

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Old Jan 26th, 2012
carajo carajo is offline
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Hi. Yes you will have to burn the home movies to DVD then import to your server. This is also what I did. Then you have to go into the k interface from your pc and enter the title and actor/ director info if you want this info displayed.
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Old Jan 26th, 2012
carajo carajo is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2006
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And yes they need to be one movie per DVD and not burned as data. Basically if it plays the movie in a regular DVD player it should import to k
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Old Jan 26th, 2012
JerryL JerryL is offline
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Right- you have to make sure the files are encoded to the proper HD (BR) or SD (DVD) spec (most DVD/ BR burning software will do this for you) and then you need to author the disc. Because burning can take a little time (especially BR) I prefer to save my authored file to a "disc image" and then burn it from there. This way if theres a defect in the media, I don't have to reencode everything- which can be time consuming. PS- Congratulations on your new K system- its a terrific system!!
Best regards,
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home video, importing

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