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Old Jul 17th, 2017
TrackZ TrackZ is offline
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Default Prospective Customer: These are my hold back questions

Since K has engagement here, I thought I'd post a succinct list of keep-awakes that is holding me back from buying into the platform. Biggest deal for me is range of content in the store. If I'm going to make K be my primary platform for movie watching/collecting, then the store needs to fill itself out on closer par with iTunes/VUDU. Would appreciate any feedback on these questions while I contemplate the purchase. Apologize for any reposts, I was just trying to come up with a full list of the elements holding me back from buying.

1. Hardware questions:
a. CEO quoted saying it would be "silly" not to do DV in the future. Is the current Strato capable of a Dolby Vision HDR update via firmware? Is this being worked on? Dolby has a software SDK for DV now, which should eliminate missing hardware requirements to add it to existing devices.
b. Any chance of a UHD disc server capable of playing to the Strato?
c. Is any follow-up device to the current Strato in development?
d. Could future hardware have a UHD disc drive?

2. Is there any active engagement or hope to get Disney Movies Anywhere integration in the store?

3. Is there any active engagement or hope to get Fox enabled for UV in the store?

4. Is there any active engagement or hope to get Paramount content in the store? For UHD HDR as well? With UV?

5. Is there any active engagement or hope to get MGM content in the store? For UHD HDR as well? With UV?

6. Is there any active engagement or hope to get HBO content in the store? They also just recently announced that Westworld was coming to UHD disc, so they are starting with UHD HDR too.

7. Is there any active engagement or hope for more UHD HDR content from existing studios already in the store?
a. Lionsgate?
b. Fox?
c. Dreamworks?
d. Others?

8. Will the K store get UHD HDR Disney content when it starts releasing soon with Guardians 2?

9. Is there any work being done to get more anime in the store? Suggest looking into licensing content through Funimation. Also, get the Studio Ghibli films with Disney.

10. I'm not sure where they come from, but getting licenses to carry documentary content like Cosmos and Planet Earth, for example, would be nice to have.
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Old Jul 17th, 2017
Transepoch Transepoch is offline
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The short version for most of that is yes, given infinite time, resources, and negotiating power. Until K's office strikes the Powerball, I think the best advice any of us can give is to try it out, but buy for what it is, not for what it might one day become.

5 - Given everyone and their uncle has distributed MGM at one point or another, there's already a fair bit in the store, even if MGM itself isn't onboard.

9 - Considering Warner distributes for Viz, is an early & often supporter of the store, and yet we still have close to bupkis, I would anticipate the problem is not on this side of the ocean. FUNi seems to be offering UV on almost [if not] all of their offerings these days, so maybe there is hope.
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