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Old Oct 6th, 2009
brodricj brodricj is offline
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You can also refer to the Knowledge Base on the KScape web site, copied here:

The hard disk drives used in Kaleidescape Disk Cartridges are sensitive mechanical devices. A Disk Cartridge may be damaged and yet appear unharmed; it may then appear to operate correctly in a Server for months, when in fact it has suffered irreversible damage that will cause it to eventually fail. A simple preventive measure is to always use the Kaleidescape packaging materials (static bags, foam and boxes) when shipping Disk Cartridges. When transporting Disk Cartridges to and from job sites, always keep them securely protected in their shipping materials until they are ready to be installed. When transporting a Kaleidescape Server, keep it in the same configuration that Kaleidescape ships it and use the original packaging material: keep the Disk Cartridges installed in Mini Systems, 3U Servers and 5U Servers for shipping; but do not ship a 1U Server with its Disk Cartridges installed. After the Disk Cartridges have been installed in a Server and the Server has been mounted in a rack, the rack can be transported as a unit. Any Server, even rack mounted, should be powered off before moving it.

Kaleidescape carefully follows the handling instructions provided by hard disk manufacturers. Many people are not familiar with the "best practices" for transporting and handling disk drives. You can watch a short video, produced by Seagate Technology, that describes these best practices at http://www.kaleidescape.com/videos/handling-drives.php. This video shows how to handle (and how not to handle) hard disk drives and Kaleidescape Disk Cartridges. If you are uncertain about how to handle or transport a Kaleidescape Disk Cartridge, or if you need packing material, please contact Kaleidescape Technical Support at support@kaleidescape.com or by calling 650-625-6160.

Direct link to this article:
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Old Oct 7th, 2009
Chuchuf Chuchuf is offline
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Got it, thanks a lot. I will remove drives noting location in the 1U server for shipping. I know how to properly pack the drives for transport.

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Old Oct 7th, 2009
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Default Re: Whats the best way to pack a 1U server to ship??

Knock yourself out noting those drive locations.
(oh well, no harm).
KOforum Administrator

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