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Old Aug 27th, 2016
Haywood Haywood is offline
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Originally Posted by djb_rh View Post
FWIW, my home Plex server is an 8 bay iXsystems FreeNAS Mini XL, which has an 8 core 2.4Ghz processor and 4x4TB drives (was the best price/TB with full RAID protection and all I need for a while, but four more slots will let me expand pretty significantly still if/when I need to).

My home internet connection is a 20Mbs up/down link that is burstable to 50Mbs (and it'll get that for quite a while sometimes), so it's decent relatively to most in terms of upload speed. Problem is my vacation house is in the mountains and the absolute fastest thing I can get is a 3Mbs DSL connection that's probably 1Mbs upload. And I often see a LOT less than max (like dialup speeds) during peak times, so streaming to that site from another server isn't a good idea. I really need a local copy there *somehow*.

But I think the NVidia Shields are cheap enough that buying one for there and just trying it as a local server for there that sync's to here is fine. We don't add a ton of movies and the vacation house has a lot of time where nobody is there, so adding a movie here and having it hammer the download connection there for a day to get it isn't a huge deal.

If that doesn't work out and I need a NAS for there then I have some servers sitting that would work for that instead and I could still use the Shield as a client somewhere else as I still need several. So trying it won't *really* cost anything.

And I get what you're saying about Optimizer and I plan to use that, but that's still a CPU consideration on the NAS since it's gotta "recode" versus transcoding. But one time versus many, I get it.

One of the big Pros for my family of Plex over K is that they can sync movies easily to their own iOS devices for travel. Before we had to do a lot of contortions for them to get them movies for planes and long car trips.

All you need for a server is a Shield and a big external hard drive or two.
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Old Aug 27th, 2016
Haywood Haywood is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 50

Originally Posted by stamatopo View Post
An alternative to plex is a zappiti 8 bay Nas.
The NAS has an inbuilt blu Ray drive that will automatically rip the largest m2ts file from the disc and attach cover art. The process is extremely simple and requires minimal intervention.
Downside is that you only rip the movie, not the Blu Ray menu and TV show automated ripping doesn't work well.
Zappiti recently introduced remote server monitoring, so you can monitor the health of your drives from any web page which is a great feature.
The players, running on andriod support 4k/atmos and aren't too expensive. I find the gui is far slicker than plex but not as polished as Kaleidescape.
That is really cool! I was checking it out on their website and it looks great. It is also reasonably priced. I wonder if their ripper is available separately.
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Old Sep 6th, 2016
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Got my Shield, have yet to try it, though. Next week sometime as I'm heading out of town.

But that brings up another thing...downloading to an iOS device with Plex. Sure, Plex is a lot more difficult to get content on outside of bootlegging (which is braindead easy), but once you have content that one major thing about being able to share it easily is SOOOO worth it.

Ripped two seasons of a show to my Plex server. Then when I decided I wanted to take it all with me for my trip, it was so easy to select the entire show and "Sync." Blam, it started downloading it all. The only catch I found, and maybe this can be overcome with a setting I don't know about, is that when the iPad goes to sleep, it stops sync'ing. My workaround was just to play a movie in the Plex app and it sync's in the background of that just fine.

Anyone know an easier way around that?

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
o0OBillO0o o0OBillO0o is offline
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I came from a Plex Server. First, there is nothing like the Strato and Plex doesn’t compare.

However, if your really into spending time dealing with licensing/encrypition keys, firmware, ripping, managing a NAS, and of course being frugal, Plex (and Kodi) is the illegal way of doing movie servers. If you arms are up in the air or saying “For (duck) Sake!”, then you haven’t used the Strato.

It’s a fact that there are no alternatives.
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