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Old Aug 19th, 2019
AlienWarlock AlienWarlock is offline
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Default Reviews missing on some popular albums

Let me start by saying that the album database that k uses is pretty impressive in that in recognizes most of what I throw at it. Out of almost 500 albums loaded, only 36 were unrecognized or wrongly recognized and thus required keying in all the information. And then there is the occasional album that is recognized but for some reason don't have the album cover... No big deal, just go to google images and download one.

The issue that I am wondering about is why do some very popular albums that are fully recognized (ie they have track info, genre info, album cover, artist photos, etc...) not have the album review text populated?

Example: I loaded the Pink Floyd albums recently, Echos and Dark Side of the Moon have the review but The Wall and Wish You Were Here do not. I have several other examples, but these seemed like the most egregious. I can understand that many less popular albums might not have have a review... For these examples however, I can see the review on allmusic.com, but for some reason it is not making it to the k interface.

Dark Side of the Moon - the exact review text seen in the k interface is here:

The Wall - no review on screen, but present on allmusic:

I guess for The Wall especially the issue could be with the various alternate versions in the database for this album, but it should be possible to pull the review from the parent title if it is it not present in the particular alternate database record. Just a little bit of LEFT JOIN might do the trick
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Old 2 Weeks Ago
MikeKobb MikeKobb is offline
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I did a little bit of asking around, and it seems that the root of this issue lies with how our data provider links reviews to different versions of the same album. With an album like The Wall, which has been reissued many, many times, the problem is more likely to come up than with others, unfortunately.

Fundamentally, the problem is that sometimes versions of the album are slightly different, which affects recognition and track listings, so we can't just collapse them all together blindly, lest we introduce other issues.

Hope this helps explain the source of the issue. We'll take a look at this album specifically to see if there's anything that can be done.
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