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Old Mar 10th, 2019
Vodder Vodder is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Edinburgh
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Default Fridges!

Yes, you read that right, fridges! Not sure if you'd class it as "AV Gear" but any one have any thoughts on the "best" fridge to go in a cinema room. Needs to be completely silent running and preferably with a glass door but where the light only comes on when you open the door. I think that would look better than the fully enclosed ones.

I suppose you could build it into a cupboard but I quite like the idea of seeing what is inside.

I have a "bar" and popcorn machine outside the "entrance" but the fridge would look out of place in the hallway, so am thinking behind my seating.
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Old Mar 10th, 2019
cinelife cinelife is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Florida, Indiana, California, Honolulu
Posts: 3,490

I use Marvel refrigerators (no relation to the movies ) in my bar area, and a couple under counter in my kitchen area. It's silent 90% of the time, but like all refrigerators, it will cycle on the compressor from time to time to keep the cooling temp, but it isn't very loud. You set the temp, it's digital, and accurate to within a couple degrees. Light only comes on when I open the door. Not cheap, but well built and reliable (have 4, no issues in 5 years). I'm sure there are other possibilities, but I settled on these after much research.

Here's the website: https://www.marvelrefrigeration.com/

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Old Mar 11th, 2019
Vodder Vodder is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Edinburgh
Posts: 96

Cool - literally :-) Nice one Jim. I shall check them out!
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Old Mar 29th, 2019
MikeKobb MikeKobb is offline
Kaleidescape, Inc.
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Location: Sunnyvale, CA
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I'll chime in here with a request for experiences with undercounted drawer-style fridge/freezer units with ice makers. I have such a unit now in my kitchenette area off the theater. It's noisy and an energy hog, and the ice maker is on the fritz. Need something that accepts custom panels to match cabinetry as well. I may just get this one serviced (again) but if there's a better option...
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Montucky Montucky is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2017
Posts: 102

I know that some brands offer models that have their compressor in a separate location, so you can't much more silent than that! However, I've only seen them in the full size variety. I'll do some digging. They're not cheap, but could be just the ticket. I always liked the idea of them from a serviceability aspect.
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