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Old Mar 26th, 2018
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Post Im not off the rocker ArcheoAcoustics best explain the need for K Scripts...


Here is your homework, learn and understand the concepts, i will then explain why the possible highest from of ART that a human can experience requires an astounding system that exploits these basic psycho acoustical need from the paleo age that is ingrained in our DNA. And that because of negative side of HABITATION we need the concentrated stimuli that only a well curated Kaleidescape scripted maximum immersive demo can provide, i also argue that proximity and nearfield sound containment promote the good aspects of Habitation therefore elevating a home cinema to the true art that we toil 24/7 for.
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Old Apr 3rd, 2018
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Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Ft Lauderdale but have global clients
Posts: 223

I have always had a gut feeling that the need to be surrounded by sound was primal. This past Holy Week i chose to put my sandals on and walk the past of audio by reading a book on archaeoacoustics. So how does that hunch morphs into the hypothesis, actually strong reinforcement of the fact that the only way for the true immersophile to trump the experience of watching a movie or hearing a multichannel audio ( sorry have not done stereo at home for the past 45 years),how does the oldest home theater experience, actually the oldest example of art relate to something so esoteric as rigorously curated, categorised, parsed and organized as the Kaleidescape Scene Scripts.

Again I have been doing curated demos of my rigs for 40 years, the scripts just take it to another level, how high? If motion images by fire animated 8 legged boars were painted in sections of the cave were particular reverberations were past enough the HAAS POINT 18ms that they sounded as huff animals emanating around the paintings,that was high art then. Take a look at the connection in these paragraphs.

One of the most important concepts in understanding our acoustically collective psychy as
something primaly inherited was studied by the Ghestalt psychologists. The first concept they teach you is HABITUATION, a double edge sword? Or the maximum immersive realisation Ying/Yang of linear atmos neural-x movie watching "scene-analysis"vs. a "selfish bastard" kick ass atmos neural-x plums. It is this capacity of suppressing the negative side of HABITUATION and EXPLOITING TO THE MAXIMUM the cleaning of the palate GREAT side of habituation that im convinced beyond any doubt, given a kickass system with true HDR (not projection at the moment-wait for barco light steering tech 2-4 years) a samsung wall be the best ( i know about the track record of samsung having issues with tile uniformity-serious ones- and then 3 months later completely licking the problem) and a great sound system that is great at Quadraphonics by running all speakers down to 40 and musical (no horns that is a thx imposition-like the stupid stupid Tom Holman notion to cut all the surrounds at 80 or above- THX ruined immersive audio at it's very conception- i was there June Chicago 1989- harsh sounding i told Tom Holman who gave the first thX presentation at a cinema freshly outfitted with one of the first THX rigs near water tower- why does it sound like someone is frying eggs behind the screen - you need to use british speakers).

So Kaleidescape, great full range speakers and a good immersive design from as little as 6 speaker to 48, the wall, and the Kaleidescape scripts and you will be able to suppress all the negative aspects of the "Scene Analysis" core principle of Habituation and hotrod, polish and perfect a method to exploit the GREAT side of Habituation. If Home Cinema is the first high art known to man, the wall, a k system that is designed to play scripts first and foremost, with a continuous slew of new scenes, that the system is designed 99% for that- i argue Home Cinema can now surpass paintings, sculpture, symphonies and Imax as the highest art form known to man. Deep?

That is what my current Grand Overlook Solfar Cinema of the future, what michelangelo's painful to create PIETA (his greatest work) that is what the grand overlook penthouse is to art.


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