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Old Feb 26th, 2019
mpierson mpierson is offline
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Default Imported Blu ray not playing

Hi all,

Iím hoping someone can advise about a strange issue Iím having.

Iíve had series 6 of the old British Avengers TV series on Blu-ray imported onto my system for a couple of years now, which has always played without problems.

Recently when Iíve tried to play any of the 9 imported discs (no bookmarks), the screen just goes black and the content doesnít appear. No ďDifficulty reading movieĒ message appears and the only way to get back to the system is to press the menu button.

I deleted the content from my 1U and ejected the discs from my M700. Then I reimported without issue.

However, Iím still seeing the same behaviour.

Iíve recently had a failed drive and subsequent rebuild. Could it be related to this? Or perhaps an issue with the vault? Even though it says the discs are in the vault, perhaps itís getting stuck at a final validation stage?

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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Old Feb 26th, 2019
J.Green J.Green is offline
Kaleidescape, Inc.
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Waterloo, ON
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Your M500 is connected to your display device via HDMI, yes? I'm just wanting to ensure that you aren't getting caught by the analog video sunset.

If you PM me your server serial number and a rough date for when you last attempted to play one of the titles, I can take a look at the logs to see what is going on.
-- John
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Old Apr 15th, 2019
MikeKobb MikeKobb is offline
Kaleidescape, Inc.
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Location: Sunnyvale, CA
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Any change in your TV? I’ve seen similar behavior when playing a PAL disc on a display that doesn’t support it. Not sure if your Blu-rays are US or UK.
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