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Old Feb 8th, 2019
djjfive djjfive is offline
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Originally Posted by Drhemi View Post
I have used the attached for my artwork for the last year or two. At least I have a cover on the display. I also enter the other data in the movie details section. It does not help recognize the disc or consolidate discs in a set, but at least there is something to look at. Currently I have about 100 unrecognized discs (some over a year since entered) and about 500 without bookmarks. It is just too cost prohibitive to send all these in for processing. I used to do that with all my unrecognized discs (a number of which were more esoteric, less mainstream), but it is no longer an option for me. I do wish additional user-friendly editing options were available. As I am retired, I have even volunteered to do some processing on K's behalf, if that was possible.

Thank you for that, thats very helpful. It's a shame K can't have this automatically added this when putting in artwork for Blu-Rays. I will try this out. Now if only we could add more than one disc to a title?
I would happily let K go through my whole collection and use what I've completed myself. If we all had this option, it could be something along the lines of the barcode gets imputed and a screen could pop up saying something like 17 other users have this barcode, pick one that is the closest match. I think if something like that were a possibility, we would as a community have almost everything covered.
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Old Feb 19th, 2019
JohnJ JohnJ is offline
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To add some positive news: I had purchased “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert: Encore (2010-2013)” and of course since it was a new release it did not have any bookmarks (which I had expected since I had the same experience with the 2014-2017 Hall of Fame release). The previous version I put on my list of discs to send in to get bookmarked and finally did. This one I did the same - put it in my collection to evemtually send off to get bookmarked.

However, today I look and all the bookmarks have been added along with all the songs marked!

So either some nice K owner sent this title in to be bookmarked or K obtained the discs and bookmarked it. Whomever this was a hearty Thank You from me!

If anyone else is interested, these are really good concerts from Time/Life. As far as I can tell there have been three released so far:

25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts (2009-2010) (5 hoirs 30 minutes)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert (2014-2017) (11 hours 14 minutes)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert: Encore (2010-2013) (8 hours 1 minute)

I have listed then in order of best to last but all of them are terrific - and all of them have been bookmarked!

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